Corporate Wellbeing Challenges

Bring your teams together with the ultimate employee step challenge

Create the ultimate workplace wellbeing challenge with an employee wellbeing app that brings your people together, boosts morale, and improves employee wellness through engaging, virtual physical activity challenges.

It's the perfect opportunity to encourage healthy behaviours , boost employee morale, and create friendly competition!

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Drive healthy habits that empower your employees to feel their best

Showcase your company's commitment to employee wellbeing with a corporate step challenge. Demonstrate your dedication to creating a healthy work environment, fostering teamwork among your colleagues, and encouraging your workplace to thrive.


Create a connected team

Build healthy social connections, share accomplishments, healthy habits, and challenges


Access healthy tips and tricks

Improve wellbeing knowledge and inspire new healthy behaviours with bite-sized content


Drive continuous engagement

Receive real time data, stats and insights through your dynamic admin portal


Design a flexible employee walking challenge to suit your needs

Kick-start your employee wellbeing initiative with a physical activity challenge that is designed by you, to suit your organisations needs and goals.

From deciding the duration of the challenge, what metrics you’d like to track and the specific theme, you get to create a tailored experience every step of the way.

With our virtual maps, you get to travel the world – the more steps you take, the further you go on your virtual journey.

Drive inclusion with an employee wellbeing challenge that is accessible to everyone

This is more than just a step challenge. The built-in activity converter allows your employees to track any movement, meaning they can get active however they want and still earn their points.

With over 100 ways of getting active including wheelchair friendly, there is something for everyone.


Sync with all of your devices to start creating healthier habits today


Boost employee engagement through social interactions

Encourage employees to support one another and share their accomplishments with the activity news feeds and discussion boards available to every employee. Whether they just completed a PB or want to upload pictures of a scenic walk, the social wall is there to build team camaraderie.

You can also create some healthy competition with the real-time leader board, see who’s racing to the top and how you can encourage others to get involved.

Receive the support you need to deliver the ultimate step challenge

With every step of your virtual journey, you’ll be supported by a member of our team to ensure that your employees feel motivated to join the journey. You’ll receive support with your initial communications including a branded toolkit and member support via the app to ensure employee engagement and tangible results.

Terryberry's step challenge app admin panel
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It’s more than just a walking app

We’ve collaborated with Fitbit to offer all users of our employee step challenge 20% off Fitbit’s products when shopping at Terryberry’s online store.

Corporate wellbeing encompasses initiatives designed to support and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees within a workplace setting. These programs often include a range of activities and resources such as fitness challenges, mental health support, stress management workshops, and access to employee wellness benefits. By prioritizing employee wellbeing, organizations can cultivate a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

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