News Release: New Survey Reveals Employers Will Expand Recognition Programs for 2010

December 9, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI December 9, 2009 — A recent survey of North American Human Resource Professionals and business leaders indicates that Employee Recognition programs will be a large focus for businesses in the coming year. One in three businesses will be expanding on existing employee recognition programs in 2010, while an additional 17% of businesses […]

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Fundamentals for Effective Employee Recognition

December 1, 2009

This video blog by Mike Byam and Jenny Watkins of Terryberry talks about the best ways to establish a corporate employee recognition strategy: Align with business goals Gain leadership support Address the 3 legs of the recognition stool: Day-to-day Recognition Informal Recognition Formal Recognition This employee recognition program video can also be viewed at YouTube. […]

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4 Easy Ways to Improve Service Awards Impact

November 30, 2009

Awards for years of service are the foundation of many recognition programs in North America. Make the most out of your service awards for your employees and your business. Here are three easy things you can do today that will make a big impact on your service awards. Recognize earlier It’s no surprise that employees […]

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3 Low-cost Employee Recognition Items

November 23, 2009

Here are some budget-friendly recognition items that could add instant impact to the employee recognition program in your department organization. RecognizeMe Toolkits $35-75 Make it easy for managers and coworkers to give recognition on-the-spot for great work. RecognizeMe toolkits each contain 300+ recognition opportunities and include free training on how to make the most of […]

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The Best Holiday Gift Idea for Employees: Recognition

November 20, 2009

From The Recognition Bulletin for HR – Winter 2009 Edition If you’re like many HR leaders, you know how much of a difference appreciation can make to your employees. This is especially true during challenging times when employees are often doing more work with fewer people and resources. If employee recognition is on your to-do […]

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A Holiday Season to Invest In

November 17, 2009

The drumbeat continued today as an MSNBC article hit the web to report on how the economic downturn has corporations muting their holiday celebrations. There’s little question that companies bailed out by your tax dollars ought to be prudent with their new-found lease on life, but killing opportunities to build morale and celebrate the efforts […]

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4 Rules for Effective Employee Recognition Awards

November 16, 2009

This video blog series by Mike Byam and Jenny Watkins of Terryberry talks about the 4 rules for effective employee recognition awards: Personally meaningful Symbolic and exclusive Lasting Differentiated between levels of achievement Mike also talks about why cash and gift cards are not effective awards. This employee recognition award video can also be viewed […]

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Wikipedia's Entry on Terryberry

November 11, 2009

Have you always wondered how the Terryberry Company got its name? Find out the answer to that question and more in the Wikipedia page about Terryberry. Learn about the history of employee recognition and the latest employee recognition industry developments, products and services for HR.

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New Whitepaper Discusses How to WOW! Employees During Tough Economic Times

November 2, 2009

In today’s economy, businesses are demanding more of their employees, and they often have less financially to give in return. How can leaders keep their key people motivated and engaged during these difficult times? Mike Byam, managing partner of Terryberry Company, advises business leaders to build trust by creating an environment of transparent communication, together […]

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Budget-Friendly Alternative Metals for Employee Recognition Jewelry

October 19, 2009

Gold and white gold jewelry have long been staples among recognition awards and retirement gifts. The iconic gold ring is a symbol that has represented the pinnacle of many careers as well as personal milestones. For many organizations today, the current value of gold means those lustrous awards are even more coveted and appreciated than […]

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