8 Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement and Retention

March 23, 2023

Employee retention has always been a hot topic in the world of human resources. It’s no secret that employee turnover can be costly for businesses – both in terms of money and lost productivity. It’s estimated that each lost employee equates to a cost of 1.5 to 2 times that employee’s annual salary. Not to […]

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5 Ways Leaders Can Improve Engagement and Wellbeing

March 22, 2023

Employee engagement and wellbeing should be of key importance to all employers navigating the post-pandemic work landscape. Successful teams of the future will include employees who feel valued, supported in their professional and personal lives, and dedicated to the organization’s mission.  Leaders have a great impact on these outcomes based on the type of work […]

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How to Design an Effective Sales Incentive Program for Your Team

March 17, 2023

Are you looking for ways to motivate your sales team and drive better results? Have you considered implementing a sales incentive program but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Sales incentive programs are a multibillion dollar industry in the US, and when done right, can be a powerful tool to engage and […]

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Work Culture: What It Is, Why It Matters, & How to Build It

March 14, 2023

Your business’s work culture is one of its most valuable assets. Get your culture right, and you’ll be positioned to tackle challenges, overcome hurdles, and seize opportunities. Get it wrong, and even the most innovative products and services won’t save your company. Building culture at work isn’t an overnight project nor a one-and-done activity at […]

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22 Employee Rewards and Recognition Ideas for Your Program

March 10, 2023

Your employee rewards program is more than an item on your to-do list—it’s a vital part of workplace culture, engagement, and retention. Your staff wants to feel recognized and appreciated for the hard work they put in day in and day out, and an effective employee rewards system can make it happen. But where should […]

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What Is Employee Wellbeing? 8 Ways to Improve It 

March 2, 2023

“Employee wellbeing” may sound like a buzzword, but don’t be fooled – its impacts can reach all areas of your business. Get your employees’ wellbeing right, and all the other dominos will fall into place. Get it wrong, and you risk high turnover, low engagement, and low morale. Your employees are your business’s most important […]

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15 Creative Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

March 1, 2023

Even though Employee Appreciation Day comes every year, figuring out creative and fun ways to celebrate can still be a head-scratcher. You want your employees to feel uniquely appreciated and broadly celebrated, all while staying under budget – it’s no easy feat. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 15 Employee Appreciation Day […]

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