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Celebrate Nursing Staff on Nurses Day, May 12

April 2, 2018

On May 12 each year, we celebrate International Nurses Day. Why May 12? It’s actually the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is known as the founder of modern nursing. Mark the occasion by celebrating the nurses that have touched your life. Whether you’re recognizing your nursing staff on Nurses Day as an employer or as patient, a gesture of appreciation will mean a lot.
Working in the nursing profession is often intrinsically motivating and rewarding. It is also highly emotionally and physically demanding work, and at times it can be a thankless job. For some Nurses Day inspiration, this short video will make you want to run out and thank all the nurses you know.

To organizations that employ nurses, Nurses Day is a time to remind nursing staff how valued and important their role really is.

The reason many nurses enter the profession come from a desire to help others.  If you’re looking for ideas to help celebrate your nursing staff on Nurses Day, consider creative ways to remind your nurses how they helped and impacted those around them – co-workers, patients, caregivers and others they interact with on the job.

Here are a few Nurses Day gifts and ideas from Terryberry

Present your nurses with a certificate of appreciation

Terryberry offers beautiful presentation kits that hold a certificate and a small gift.  Present them to your nurses in person with a handshake and a word of appreciation.

Gift nurses with a charm or pin

Terryberry has an entire crew dedicated to designing and handcrafting custom jewelry for organizations.  A pin or charm with your organization’s logo would make a lasting gift for a special nurse.

Shop promotional items for Nurses Day

Need an inexpensive promotional item to accessorize your nurses day celebrations? Browse pages of inspiration and ideas for logo gifts for nurses from the quirky to the useful, like bandage dispensers, soothing adult coloring books, even a steth-o-light.

Use an online program to share stories and feedback of how nurses made a difference

Terryberry’s Give a WOW program is used in a number of healthcare organizations and other employers as a platform where co-workers can share their appreciation for one another in a social media style format.
The Recognition Mailbox is another great online program to help healthcare organizations share appreciation for their nurses.  This tool for collecting customer feedback, can be configured for health care organizations to allow patients and caregivers to share personal stories about how a nurse or healthcare provider made a difference.
Nurses day would be a perfect time to kick off a Give a WOW program or Recognition Mailbox program. Contact Terryberry to get started and we’ll help you get your nurse appreciation program ready for launch in May.

More Nurses Day Ideas

Many of us might not work directly with nurses, but have you thought about presenting a gift or bringing in breakfast for the nurse at your child’s school or daycare? What about the team of nurses at your local nursing home? If you or someone you love spent some time in the hospital recently, what about surprising the team of nurses with bouquets of flowers?
Do you have friends or family members who are nurses? Do something special for them on International Nurses Day. There are many ways you can offer thoughtful gestures. Many gift shops carry special gifts for nurses, or you can be creative and come up with your own unique ideas on ways to celebrate.


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