Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator Employee Engagement ROI Calculator Employee Recognition is the #1 driver of employee engagement. Find out how much an effective employee recognition program can impact your bottom line by using the turnover calculator below. Enter your company’s information: Number of Employees Average Salary $/year Turnover Rate Percentage Here’s what you could save! […]

January Recognition Holidays

January Recognition Holidays January can be a tough time for employees – returning to work after all the holiday festivities are over. But it can also be inspiring, as many people are still optimistic about New Year’s resolutions and turning over a new leaf. What better time than now to give employees a boost by […]

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February Recognition Holidays

February Recognition Holidays February isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! This month offers several employee recognition holidays for you to take advantage of. Use our list of recognition holidays to plan how you’ll acknowledge the hard work of your team this month. Month American Heart Month Black History National Time Management Month Weeks 1 – 5 […]

Recognition Alignment Tool

Recognition Alignment Tool Recognition is the best way to reinforce the attitudes, behaviors, and contributions (ABCs) your organization values most. To ensure that your employee recognition system is in alignment with your overall corporate objectives, give some thought to the ABCs that are important to your organization’s success. Use this alignment exercise to help you […]

December Recognition Holidays

December Recognition Holidays As the year winds down, it’s important to continue to acknowledge the efforts your employees put in each day, and to make sure they receive recognition on special days and for exceptional performance. Here are some recognition holidays in December you won’t want to miss: Month Safe Toys and Gifts Month Worldwide […]

Award Presentation Cheat Sheet

Good award presentations come from good preparation. Use this Presentation Cheat Sheet to prepare your comments for your upcoming employee recognition presentations.

March Recognition Holidays

March Recognition Holidays There are recognition holidays for nearly everything out there, so it can be difficult to keep track of them all. We’ve put together a comprehensive list for all the national days in March so you can stay on top of recognition and show appreciation where it’s due – and March is an […]

April Recognition Holidays

April Recognition Holidays Employee appreciation and recognition of key contributors to your organization are extremely important, and it doesn’t have to take much time or effort. Make someone’s day by letting them know you’ve noticed their hard work and contributions to the business. Here are some recognition holidays in April to help give you some ideas […]

May Recognition Holidays

May Recognition Holidays Don’t forget to show your appreciation for the ones who work the hardest – nurses, receptionists, military spouses, and others whose efforts are often performed behind the scenes. Let them know how much you value their contributions this month by recognizing them on their special day. Find May recognition holidays below: Month […]