52 Companies Count One Billion+ Steps in The West Michigan Walking Challenge

In just six weeks 52 companies, from all over West Michigan, walked more than one billion steps. That’s right. One billion. It was the first annual West Michigan Walking Challenge, and needless to say, it was an absolute grand slam. Don’t believe it? Check out our infographic on the Challenge. Looking to exercise our title […]

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Engaged Employees Going Above and Beyond

August 7, 2015

Earlier this week, severe storms ripped through Michigan leaving a wake of destruction and power outages. Terryberry’s headquarter offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan were affected by the severe weather, losing power for the entire work day on Monday. Despite the dark offices, Terryberry employees reported for duty. One particular team of Terryberry associates worked creatively […]

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Terryberry Breaks Ground on Building Expansion Project

July 17, 2015

Earlier today, Terryberry employees from around the globe gathered at the world headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a ceremonial ground breaking event to commence a major building expansion project. Team Terryberry was proud to highlight a treasured resource; several long-term employees to kick off the project: Dave Beemer, chief operating officer Laurie Dean, a […]

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NSF International – An Employee Recognition Case Study

March 31, 2015

Business experts agree that an organization can have a great product, a bullet-proof business plan, and top-notch marketing, yet all of these components are not enough to ensure success.  Without engaged employees, organizations will struggle to prosper. As a result, CEOs are on the hunt for the silver bullet to help them gain the edge […]

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AwardPoints Employee Performance Recognition Platform – Video

January 20, 2015

  In this video check out how Terryberry’s AwardPoints program works to recognize employees for performance achievements.   Employees earn points for the behaviors and contributions that matter most to your business.  Points can be redeemed for exciting awards that your employees will be excited to earn. Employees Earn Points that Can be Redeemed for […]

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The Recognition Collection – Video

January 13, 2015

Check out the latest video from Terryberry, highlighting the Recognition Collection.  Terryberry’s Recognition Collection is the premiere Award Selection program that offers your recipients their choice of exciting award options. Featuring brand name items, customized with your organization’s symbol, the Recognition Collection helps organizations reward their employees for special milestones and achievements. No matter what inspires […]

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360 Recognition Platform – Video

January 8, 2015

In this video, get a peek at how Terryberry’s revolutionary 360 Recognition platform works.  It’s one hub for every one of your employee recognition platforms.  360 Recognition makes employee recognition simpler to manage, interactive and personal for your employees, and more effective for your business. The 360 Recognition platform revolutionizes the way employee recognition works in […]

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5 Things You Think Are Employee Recognition, But Are Not

January 2, 2015

  Being in the employee recognition industry, when we ask people what their organization does to recognize their employees, we get all kinds of different answers. That’s one of the great things about employee recognition; it can take many different shapes and many different approaches based on the culture and needs of the organization. And […]

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