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Ignite Employee Engagement with More Leadership Support

November 4, 2019

Looking to put some spark in your employee engagement levels? A healthy workplace is like a living organism that hinges on dedicated care and attention from every member, especially leadership.

In the recent The State of Employee Engagement in 2019 survey, only 29% of all HR professionals say their organizations have leaders who prioritize engagement at their organization.
In addition, the survey also states,

81% of HR professionals link engagement to trust in their leaders.

With all the benefits of employee engagement, why aren’t more company leaders jumping on board in full support? Some would say, busy schedules or perhaps they aren’t sure where to start engaging their workforce. Maybe your leadership isn’t aware that engagement levels and employee morale are low. However, many companies are stuck in old habits asking, “But why do they need to be engaged? They get a paycheck, don’t they?” In fact, compensation alone does not keep talent.

Looking for an engagement solution to put into place, starting today? Try recognition. Employee recognition is the ultimate driver of employee engagement. It acknowledges the attitudes, behaviors, and contributions that make your business thrive. Although recognition can take many different forms depending on your culture, effective recognition should align with the mission, vision, and values that your group shares.

In conclusion, an organization’s managers and leaders must actively support employee recognition in order for an employee recognition program to be successful. These 7 strategies will help win leadership support for developing a culture of employee recognition within your organization. Review and employ these strategies to earn the ongoing support of managers and leaders for your employee recognition programs.


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