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Ask Recognition Man for Funny Employee Recognition Ideas

December 7, 2021

Recognition Man Healthy Workplace

Your workplace is made up of a unique set of personalities and has its own company culture.  If your culture scowls at the silliness and frowns at fun, this post may not be for you.  But if your work group loves a good laugh, read on for some funny employee recognition ideas.

Here are 5 of our favorite funny employee recognition ideas

  • Give outstanding employees a rubber alien.  At one medical facility, care providers who have been awarded an alien wear it proudly on their badge holders as a symbol that they are Out of This World.
  • Terryberry has a mascot, Recognition Man, who’s primary role is to give out high fives for great work!
  • Participants in the social recognition platform Give a WOW love to put their own clever spin on popular memes to commemorate a colleague’s great work moment
  • One business has a “Recognition Fairy” who visits the office after everyone has gone home, leaving pixie dust and positive messages before returning to fairyland.
  • In one construction group, workers pass around a 2×4 like a travelling trophy.  The honoree gets to sign the 2×4 before it moves on to the next recipient.
  • One employee came into the office in the morning to find her desk, computer and chair buried in sticky notes. Each one with a message of appreciation from her colleagues.
  • Executive leaders in another organization dressed up as Venetian gondoliers, complete with waxed and curled mustaches, to announce the winner of a big award and a prize trip to Italy for the recipient.

Get Funny Employee Appreciation Videos

Who doesn’t love a funny youtube video?  Check out Recognition Man’s channel on Youtube for funny employee appreciation videos , perfect to share with an esteemed colleague at just the right time.  Better yet, with 360 Recognition and Give a WOW, now you can add a recognition video to your post on the Recognition Wall feed. Share your funny recognition video with all of your colleagues!
Follow Recognition Man on Twitter @Recognition_Man for more tips to add fun to your workplace.


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