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Exploring the Power of Compensation and Recognition

By Lauren Allen | February 14, 2024

In an increasingly competitive hiring market, offering a competitive salary isn’t enough to attract top talent anymore. Of course, pay plays a role in whether a worker accepts and remains at a new position, but your organization’s brand and reputation have a powerful influence as well. 82% of employees place a high value on working […]

Failed Incentive Programs: Why Some Fail & How to Fix Them

By Lauren Allen | February 12, 2024

Failed incentive programs waste your company’s time, money, resources, and trust. Fortunately, they’re not a spontaneous, random occurrence that strikes businesses at will-they’re often the result of a few common pitfalls. Incentive programs are supposed to incentivize employee motivation and productivity while providing a big “thank you” from the business. However, not every incentive hits […]

How to Build an Effective Employee Recognition Program

By James Leach | February 9, 2024

There is no question that companies with an employee recognition program are becoming more common. Recognition programs can be a great way to boost morale, decrease turnover, and increase employee engagement. But setting up successful employee recognition programs that work isn’t always straightforward. Employee recognition programs can take many different forms, but at their core, […]

Young woman sitting on floor at home with laptop, about to exercise

16 Simple and Effective Incentives for Employee Wellness Programs

By Lauren Allen | February 5, 2024

Wellness programs have grown increasingly popular in corporate America. In fact, 52% of US companies offer employee wellness programs of some kind. And of those companies, 56% of employees participate, which has resulted in fewer sick days taken and higher job satisfaction. The issue, however, can be finding ways to motivate employees to participate in […]

Employees Racing in Office Chairs at Work

15 Creative Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

By Lauren Allen | January 30, 2024

Even though national Employee Appreciation Day comes every year, figuring out creative and fun ways to celebrate can still be a head-scratcher. You want your employees to feel uniquely appreciated and broadly celebrated, all while staying under budget – it’s no easy feat. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 15 Employee Appreciation […]

Unleashing the Power of Play: How Having Fun at Work Boosts Morale

By Lauren Allen | January 29, 2024

Why Should You Prioritize Having Fun At Work? For some people, having fun at work sounds like an oxymoron. But for people who love their jobs and work at many of the leading businesses across the globe, it’s a reality. Research has proven that fun at work isn’t frivolous. It’s necessary if you want engaged […]

45+ Fun Rewards to Drive Better Employee Engagement

By Lauren Allen | January 26, 2024

“Fun rewards” are a refreshing take on employee incentives that infuse elements of creativity, enjoyment, and personalization into the recognition process. Traditionally, rewards in the corporate world were viewed through the prism of cash bonuses, pay raises, or more tangible perks like health benefits and paid leaves. However, as the nature of work and employee […]

Creating a Culture of Well-being: The Key to Organizational Wellness

By Lauren Allen | January 24, 2024

Savvy business leaders know the most valuable asset of your company isn’t the latest technology you invested in or your multi-million dollar office space. It’s your people. Businesses that prioritize the well being of their employees experience improved productivity, higher engagement, and a boost in profits. Ultimately, investing in organizational wellness results in a thriving […]

7 Key HR Trends for 2024 Every Leader Needs to Know

By Lauren Allen | January 22, 2024

When it comes to Human Resource trends, some things never change – improve retention, boost employee engagement, keep morale high. But some things do change. And with HR departments everywhere being busier than ever before, we’re here to help. Here, we’ll guide you through key ideas that we predict to be the most influential emerging […]

360 Feedback Software: How to Choose the Best One

By Lauren Allen | January 17, 2024

360 feedback software has changed how businesses gather insights about employee engagement and well-being. Gone are the days when employee performance reviews were limited to one-on-one sessions with direct managers-with the evolution of 360 feedback software, your leaders can gain a holistic understanding of employees’ performance, strengths, and areas for development without awkward interviews. However, […]

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