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What is Social Recognition?

By Katelyn Cripps | March 11, 2024

Social recognition is one of the most powerful methods to recognize and engage your employees. It’s no secret that by recognizing your employees you can build a strong culture of engagement. Recognition is a powerful tool for every organization. It allows leaders, managers, and colleagues to acknowledge and celebrate great achievements. From employee service awards […]

6 Cutting-Edge AI Tools For HR | The Complete Guide

By Lauren Allen | March 8, 2024

It seems everyone is talking about AI these days, but unlike many other trends, the hype around artificial intelligence is likely justified. AI has found its way into just about every industry, from automotive to healthcare to fine art. And Human resources is no exception. So much so, 70% of business leaders believe that AI […]

15 Best Employee Survey Tools to Boost Engagement in 2024

By Lauren Allen | March 6, 2024

Employee survey tools can provide invaluable insights into the hearts and minds of your workforce. They go beyond just collecting data-they create bridges that: Connect leadership with employee perspectives Empower employees to voice concerns, wants, and needs Foster a company culture of transparency, trust, and growth Start conversations for change Boost employee satisfaction and retention […]

A Guide to Employee Morale Meaning: 10 Strategies to Boost Engagement and Productivity

By Lauren Allen | March 4, 2024

A positive company culture where employees look forward to coming to work each day and strive to do their best sounds like a dream come true, right? For organizations that actively engage employees in efforts to raise morale, it’s the reality. As a leader, manager, or HR professional, you have the ability to influence the […]

Mental Wellness Month: 10 Ways to Make It a Priority

By Lauren Allen | March 1, 2024

Many of us still grapple with the importance of prioritizing mental wellness in our personal lives and the workplace. The hustle and bustle of daily life (compounded by the ever-present challenges and stresses) make it all too easy to neglect our mental health. That’s why we recognize and celebrate Mental Wellness Month in January. It’s […]

Factors of Empowerment: 4 Ways Leaders Can Empower Their Employees

By Lauren Allen | February 28, 2024

When it comes to employees, some don’t hesitate to go above and beyond – they jump in and tackle challenges head-on. Others, on the other hand, prefer to stay in their lane and do what’s asked of them. While there may not be anything wrong with the latter, most leaders would prefer a team that […]

employee recognition statistics

Employee Recognition Statistics: What HR Professionals Need to Know in 2024

By Lauren Allen | February 26, 2024

Employee recognition may not be a new concept, but what is new is some of the latest employee recognition statistics that have come out of research surrounding employee engagement. From productivity to culture to retention – research shows recognition programs continue to be a key factor in improving a range of business outcomes. But it’s […]

8 Ways to Observe Global Employee Health and Fitness Month This May

By Lauren Allen | February 21, 2024

Each May, Global Employee Health and Fitness Month offers employers the opportunity to consider the way they approach employee well-being and discuss strategies they can implement for a healthier workforce. Learn more about the observance and ways you can incorporate it into your corporate wellness practices.   What Is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month? […]

Budget for Employee Engagement: 7 Tips for Setting Your Budget

By Lauren Allen | February 19, 2024

Just about every HR department today understands how important employee engagement is – but knowing how much to set aside for an employee engagement budget is a different story. Creating an employee engagement budget can vary greatly depending on the size of your organization, the specific initiatives you plan to implement, and your overall financial […]

The Best Custom Awards and Trophies for 2024

By Lauren Allen | February 16, 2024

Every person and achievement is different, so why should they be recognized with generic off-the-shelf rewards? Custom awards (like custom wood trophies, 3D-printed awards, and glass designs) celebrate the unique people and accomplishments behind your company’s wins. Custom awards go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach by adding a personal touch that deeply resonates with recipients. It’s […]

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