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"The WOW! Workplace"

March 9, 2010

Hello my name isJon Campbell.I have been working with Terryberry Company for a couple months now as an internet marketer.Since I am still new and continuing to learn more every day about employee recognition I thought I would blog my way through Mike Byam’s book, “The WOW! Workplace”.

Before I go any farther I should probably let you know who Mike Byam is if you haven’t gotten a chance to meet him.He is the managing partner at Terryberry Company and has a unique perspective on personal motivation and inspiration, and how they affect everyone in today’s fast-changing workplace.Mike is also involved in running marathons and competing in Ironman Triathlons; which he says helps him answer an important question: “What’s the key thing you need to know in order to implement a recognition strategy that will work ‘to the max’ for your organization”.

Obviously we all know that you can’t swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles without preparing yourself for such an exhausting race.Mike relates his preparation for the Ironman Triathlons to the way companies need to prepare for building a recognition culture.Mike says “I’ve discovered over the years that the key ingredient for success in building a recognition culture is to plan and prepare so that you can move carefully and effectively through the process, step by step and day by day.”Something that I have personally learned is nothing is ever easy especially when it pays great rewards.Likewise with building a culture in your workplace that is focused around recognizing your greatest asset, your employees.

“The WOW! Workplace” was written to be a new guidebook for those who wish to see their office culture enhanced by employee recognition.Throughout this book Mike Byam will explain specific “how to” suggestions and tips that will help HR professionals or office managers to successfully develop or enhance your recognition culture.

After finishing the introduction to this book I am expecting a couple things.First, this book seems like its going to be an easy read but packed full of details and stories that will reinforce the main idea.Second, the book is fairly short; at 141 pages I feel like I can read it today and act upon it tomorrow.Finally, Mike has been conducting lots of in-depth research and conferring with business leaders and HR managers all across North America and I’m excited to read what he has found out.


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