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Team Terryberry Runs the Hood to Coast Relay

August 19, 2010

Thirteen members of Terryberry’s management & sales staff are gearing up to run the 197 mile Hood to Coast Relay race from Mt. Hood, Oregon to the Pacific Coast next week (August 27-28, 2010), all in an effort to bring people together for fun & charity.

12,000 runners from across the country will decend on Mt. Hood, Oregon next week in preparation for the 29th Annual Hood to Coast Relay; the largest relay in the world. An experience touted to be like a “traveling Woodstock,” this Mother of all Relays, is “an adrenaline junkies dream.” One thousand teams will hit the pavement on Friday, August 27th, in majestic Mt. Hood, running the 36-leg race through western Oregon’s varied and picturesque terrain to cross the finish line in Seaside, just a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean.

This is the first year Team Terryberry has been involved. The idea for participation grew from some of Terryberry’s more experienced long distanced runners and rapidly gained momentum and interest. “We looked at this as a great way to bring people from throughout the company and country together for a good cause (A-T).” said Managing Partner, Mike Byam. “This race also ties into our goal to be a healthier workplace.”

Setting a great example for an active and adventurous lifestyle, the Team is comprised of 13 members of Terrybery’s management and sales staff from across the country. The group of All-Stars includes:

>Mike Byam, Michigan
>Dave Beemer, Michigan
>Bill Bergstrom, Michigan
>Drew Beckeman, Michigan
>Dan Johnson, Kansas
>Pat Dillon, Washington
>Dan Egan, Texas
>Craig Mester, Colorado
>Mike Anderson, Illinois
>Colin Balas, Illinois
>Chris Schilling, Kentucky
>Arvid Rain, New Hampshire
>Alex Allion, Arizona

The Terryberry Company has a long history of supporting charitable causes, so it was natural for the Team to dedicate their relay to a worthy cause. Team Terryberry is supporting the A-T Children’s Project. A-T stands for Atazia-Telangiectasia, which is an extremely rare terminal disease that affects children. A-T causes immune system problems, predisposition to cancers, and severe lack of muscle control.

Through a close connection between the Veldink family (that have two children afflicted with the disease) and two of the Terryberry Company’s owners, the A-T Children’s Project was a natural fit to be selected as the charitable partner for the race.

Please consider joining Team Terryberry in raising funds and awareness for A-T. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Visit the Team’s charitable website to donate today!

Visit to learn more about A-T.

Interested in learning more about the Hood to Coast Relay or how you can get involved? Visit

The Mother of all Relays is coming to video! Watch the movie trailer at


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