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SHRM18 Recap from Terryberry

July 2, 2018

Time has flown by since SHRM18 wrapped up.  If you attended the conference, we hope you brought back some great memories from Chicago- maybe a selfie with Recognition Man, or a SHRM-exclusive Chicago “Bean” pin or charm from Terryberry!

HR Professionals Eager to Learn About Employee Recognition

The Terryberry crew that staffed our booth at the SHRM expo came back from Chicago energized after having been flooded with thousands of HR professionals who came to Terryberry’s booth looking to learn more about new tools for employee recognition and engagement…and to get a glimpse of our famous superhero, Recognition Man.

Hot Topics from Terryberry at SHRM18

Terryberry’s SHRM-exclusive Chicago Cloud Gate (Bean) pins and charms were a big hit.  To celebrate our 100th year in the employee recognition business we brought commemorative SHRM pins made by Terryberry for SHRMs-gone-by.  It was fun to take a trip down memory lane with booth visitors, some who had collected Terryberry’s SHRM pins for decades.
Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform also earned buzz at the expo as we showed off some of the coolest new features, including a new integrated Employee Wellness Program module.  360 Recognition’s other popular modules include service awards, performance recognition, peer-to-peer recognition, manager-driven recognition, customer praise, and tangible rewards.

Popular Next Steps for HR Professionals

Recognition for Some of Our Own at SHRM

One of the best aspects of SHRM is getting the chance to interact with customers and potential clients.  Clients from all over were expressing their appreciation for Terryberry’s great service and praising the Terryberry staffers they interact with.  One example really stood out.
A year ago after SHRM17, one of Terryberry’s customer experience agents Trisha fielded a chat from an individual that was very distraught because she missed stopping by the Terryberry booth to get her New Orleans pin to commemorate that event.  After a nice interaction, Trisha arranged to send her a pin with a positive personal note.  A year later, this nice women showed up at the Terryberry booth singing Trisha’s praises and holding the note she’d sent.  She was thrilled and thankful and even brought a gift bag of goodies to thank Trisha for her excellent service!



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