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Rethinking Employee of the Month Programs

September 19, 2013

Employee of the Month programs have been a widespread idea in businesses for many years, but today many experts are encouraging businesses to rethink employee-of-the-month formats in order to better engage and motivate their teams.
“Employers are attempting to provide the motivation and recognition that employees need and want, but recognizing one employee a month, with no criteria established, doesn’t work well,” writes Susan Heathfield.
For recognition to be effective, the criteria for being recognized should be clearly outlined and communicated, and all who meet those criteria should be recognized.  Doing so helps to ensure that the recognition will be seen as fair by employees, and will be more likely to motivate and engage employees with the desired objectives.
“For a successful recognition program, you are best going with regular, even daily, recognition that rewards people for specific contributions, and that rewards all employees who accomplish what you specify,” Heathfield goes onto say in the same article.
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