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Recognize Employee Performance with Reward Points

October 9, 2017

Points-based employee recognition programs can be a great way for managers to communicate goals, impact employee behavior, and reward staff for efforts that move the business forward.  In these types of recognition programs, employees earn points rewards for a variety of achievements.  Participants accumulate reward points over time and redeem them for merchandise or other rewards.

Benefits of Reward Points Programs

The benefits of reward points programs, like Terryberry’s AwardPoints program for example, are many:

  1. Communicate Goals
  2. Motivate Desired Behaviors
  3. Report Progress
  4. Engage Participants
  5. Reward Performance

>>Watch a demo of Terryberry’s AwardPoints platform.

When to Use Reward Points

The types of achievements that are recognized and rewarded in points-based performance program can be varied.  These types of programs are generally most effective when there are many different opportunities for participants to earn points throughout the month and year.  Any behavior that your organization wishes to encourage is a good candidate for rewards points. Some examples:

  1. Achieving Productivity Goals
  2. Achieving Safety Goals
  3. Achieving Customer Service Excellence Goals
  4. Sales Achievements
  5. Wellness Activities and Healthy Behaviors
  6. Perfect Attendance
  7. Peer Nomination
  8. Spot Awards from Managers
  9. Training Accomplishments
  10. Certification Achievements

Pair Points with Personal Praise

AwardPoints software can be used to easily award points to participants, report performance, and redeem awards.  Multiply the impact of the points rewards by incorporating personal praise and offline communication.  In Terryberry’s AwardPoints program,  managers can add a personal note when awarding points to employees to reinforce the meaning of the recognition.  The AwardPoints program also creates personalized certificates that can be printed and presented to recipients as a visible reminder of accomplishments.

Points Rewards Build Continuous Motivation

Reward points programs can be a powerful tool to keep team members focused on the goals and motivated to continually strive to achieve at higher levels.  In some cases,  leaderboard features can provided added motivation and fuel healthy competition.


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