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Preventing & Managing Stress During National Stress Awareness Month

April 26, 2021

Stress is a part of human existence. Whether prepping for a significant celebratory milestone or fretting over increased occupational responsibilities, nobody is immune to it.
National Stress Awareness Month happens each April, and its goal is to spotlight stress. Here’s a look at what stress is as well as ways to help prevent and manage it.

What’s stress? 

Everyone suffers from stress, but people experience it in very different ways. As a result, there’s no simple definition for stress. The American Institute of Stress states that it’s a “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.”
When placed in a worrying environment, stress hormones rush into the bloodstream. Possible effects include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels. Although helpful in emergencies, having this rush for extended periods can be dangerous.

What does stress mean to you? 

Stress may be more than just a short-term problem. When left unchecked, it often manifests as physical symptoms and contributes to many health problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to depression and sleep problems.

Ways to avoid stress

Taking steps to manage stress offers many health benefits. Implementing these strategies can help manage stress.

  • Regular Physical Activity
  • Practicing Relaxation Techniques
  • Keeping A Sense Of Humor
  • Spending Time With Loved Ones
  • Setting Aside Time For Hobbies

Stress makes it harder for employees to be present, productive, and successful. At Terryberry, we encourage companies to incorporate stress-reduction methods into the workplace. It’s good for workers and the bottom line.

Take the lead to combat stress

Executives, managers, and anyone in a leadership role can play an active role in job-related stress reduction. There’s no denying that you and your employees stress out often, possibly daily. Keeping a positive outlook in the wake of high-stress situations can make all the difference.

  • Workplace Recognition

Creating an employee recognition program goes a long way to relieve stress. The better the rapport between managers and employees, the more likely they will be engaged and productive.

Some employees appreciate praise during a meeting or a call-out in a company-wide email. More reserved types might prefer a card on their desk or an in-person thank you.

To implement an employee recognition program into your business, turn to Terryberry. We help employers develop the framework for practices that make it easy to recognize great work.

  • Schedule flexibility

A common workplace stressor is how employees start their day. Some may have small children who require time and effort to get to school on time. Others might have a long commute.

Supporting flexible working arrangements can alleviate these issues. As long as deadlines are met and work is done efficiently, you can be a little loose with work hours.

  • Be transparent

When job roles are unclear, anxiety and stress rise. Workers who understand their responsibilities may not feel stressed when performing tasks. This also saves managers’ time answering questions necessary for job completion.

  • Get up, keep moving

Physical activity won’t cut out stress entirely, but 30 minutes a day of exercise is a powerful stress reliever. It’s easy as walking around the office or simple stretches.
To improve in this area, consider Terryberry’s Employee Wellness Program. It’s a tool that provides structured wellness challenges designed to help your employees stay emotionally, physically, and mentally well.

  • Create quiet spaces

Stress can’t be completely avoided, but you can help alleviate it. Ensure employees have a place to take a break. If separate spaces aren’t an option, blocking off time for employees to focus on individual tasks and avoid getting bogged down with meetings can help.

Unplanned pandemic, heightened stress

There’s always been stress in the workplace, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added a new twist. Regardless if employees are going into the office or working from home, it has probably altered the way they work. Fear and anxiety about this new disease, changes in the workplace, and other strong emotions can be overwhelming. During this pandemic, it’s even more critical to support employees.

Step up your support

Ensure your business is set up to fight stress and burnout now and in the future with Terryberry. We offer convenient, flexible rewards and recognition solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.
Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs further.


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