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That's Commitment! Husband and Wife Team have 80 Combined Years of Service at Terryberry

September 23, 2013

Elaine and Joe Rothenthaler, husband and wife, have worked together at Terryberry for 40 years. (Photo by Emily Zoladz,

We’re so proud of Terryberry’s own Joe and Elaine Rothenthaler, featured this weekend in a Grand Rapids Press story by Tom Rademacher.   Joe and Elaine have worked together at Terryberry for 40 years.  Between the two of them, they have dedicated 80 years of service to the company.
That’s a lot of together-time, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Rademacher notes in the article.  As husband and wife, they spend nearly every minute together.  They wake up, drive to work together, and spend the workday literally steps from each other on Terryberry’s  manufacturing floor.  And unbelievably, when they get home from work, they’re not sick of each other.  They enjoy hunting, fishing and camping….together of course.
Elaine and Joe are the picture of commitment – personally and professionally.
Writes Rademacher:

“Both are completely invested in the company, with an uncanny sense of ownership that comes from serving others, the business included.

According to Evans [Joe and Elaine’s manager], it’s not uncommon to have Joe or Elaine or both approach him when their work is finished with a question like ‘What else do you have for me to do,’ he says. “And if I don’t find something, that’s not good.”

Joe and Elaine, Terryberry salutes you!


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