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How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in the Workplace

January 3, 2017

by Bev Washichek
New Year’s Resolutions in the workplace, really? Does anyone achieve them? They are made with our best intentions, but often a workplace resolution fizzles along with the last of the firecrackers.  A tangible reminder of your workplace resolution might be the best way to achieve success.
Maybe your resolution at work is to improve the culture of employee recognition within your company. The Japanese tradition of the daruma may be just the thing to motivate you toward your goal and provide you with your own visual recognition when you cross the finish line!

A “Daruma” Signifies Goals and Achievement in Japanese Tradition

At New Years’ time in Japan, many people purchase “daruma” (da’ rue ma). They are the legend of Bodhidharma, whose single-minded pursuit of meditation and enlightenment represents the ideal of the willingness to dedicate oneself to an important, life changing goal, and not to rest until it is completed.
The daruma is rich in symbolism, and is regarded as a talisman of perseverance and good luck. Due to Bodhidharma’s long hours tucked into a “zazen” meditation posture (with legs folded under his body and arms in his lap), the daruma doll image evolved.

A daruma is hollow so when pushed over, it rolls upright. This is a symbolic expression that one will not fall over and fail.

A daruma is traditionally red, an auspicious color in Asian cultures, signifying energy and good health. The eyebrows are made to look like cranes and the mustache to look like a turtle or tortoise shells, both symbols of longevity. The stern expression represents the concentration towards achieving the goal. The Japanese character painted on the front is often “good luck,” but any character or word in English can be selected to go along with the goal-setting occasion. Perhaps your word might be “appreciation.”

A daruma represents your goal, your action and your success!

The tangible daruma on the shelf, with one eye painted, reminds us not to give up on our goal. It’s up to us to open both eyes.

A daruma’s eyes are large white circles. The first step is to set your goal. In this case, your goal is to ignite the purpose and potential in your team with an effective employee recognition program.  Once your goal is set, the first eye is painted!
With this achievable resolution in mind, it’s time to make a detailed outline your vision.  Make a plan for how you will create employee recognition programs that are easy-to-use, that really work, that are customized to your company and that offer your employees the right rewards, and are managed together with you by great customer service. Set your time period to attain this goal and measure your ROI.

Once your attainable goal is achieved, the second eye is painted in.

Might you need a daruma in your office this January? Set your vision to improve recognition in your workplace, an achievable goal; then paint one eye. Contact your local Terryberry representative for pointers on how to achieve your goal. Your representative can work with you on a budget and timeline.
When you see your employees engaged in recognizing each other, managers giving on-the-spot recognition and with service, sales and retirement recognition programs in place, you have the pleasure of painting in the second eye – and now everyone can see your success!


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