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New Product: Terryberry Digits – Celebrate Anniversary Milestones

June 4, 2019

Company Anniversary Digit

Add fun and 3-dimensional display to commemorate employee service awards or company milestones! Introducing the new Digits from Terryberry.  These numeral-shaped acrylics are available in a variety of milestones, from 1 to 100.  Digits start under $50.

Digits are great for Employee Service Awards and Company Anniversary Gifts

Recognize individual career anniversary or your organization’s special milestones anniversary with a customized Terryberry Digit for the commemorative year.  Check out the 100-year Digit that Terryberry created for our own company centennial celebrations!

Digit Awards: Personalization Options

Terryberry’s Digits can be personalized for your recipient.  Add a logo, or even a custom background image.  Digits are packaged in a gift box, ready for presentation.

  • Name
  • Date
  • Achievement
  • Logo
  • Custom Image

Want to learn more or find out how to order digits for your organization? Contact your Terryberry representative today or visit
Download the brochure for Terryberry Digits.


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