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National Boss’s Day!

October 14, 2019

It’s National Boss’s Day this October the 16th. What do you do on National Boss’s Day? Celebrate your awesome bosses, of course. It’s time to recognize your boss and supervisor for all the guidance they give you.
However, it’s not always easy for bosses to recognize and reward their employees. Sometimes it’s difficult for bosses to make time to commend their employees on a job well done. That’s where Terryberry’s Manager-Driven Recognition program comes into play.
Why is recognition so important for employees?
As humans, we strive on social interaction and a sense of belonging. In a workplace, that sense of belonging is often derived from being formally or informally recognized and appreciated for performing well.
Instead of managers taking out time to physically recognize employees, they can choose to do it in a virtual and easily accessible way using Terryberry’s Manager-Driven recognition program (called Award Your Team).
What is Terryberry’s Manager-Driven Recognition Program?
The Award Your Team program allows managers and team leaders to instantaneously reward their staff for exceptional work performance! This uber-affordable recognition program allows managers to view peer nominations and access performance reports to award employees accordingly.
The program also self-identifies “rising stars” and takes the guesswork out of the employee engagement process.
Why use Terryberry’s Manager-Driven Recognition Program?
Terryberry’s Award Your Team platform offers an intuitive and easy-to-use application that divides administration teams into tiers according to their organizational hierarchy.
Each layer in the hierarchy can then access different employee performance metrics and recognize employee performance in each sector. Each supervisor is given a “points” budget that they can distribute amongst the most deserving employees.
This well-structured approach makes it more convenient for managers to appraise employees, and thus, increases the probability of employee recognition as well.
Try it out now!
Request a demo today and see how Terryberry’s Manager-Driven Recognition program can boost employee morale in your organization.


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