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Employees Walk Close to 400 Million Steps in Workplace Wellness Challenge

November 25, 2019

Wrapping up its second year, the Arizona Walking Challenge powered by Terryberry saw over 1,300 participants tracking their steps during the 6-week workplace wellness business-to-business competition.
Throughout the challenge, companies and their employees stepped up their game logging nearly 400 million total steps – which is equivalent to approximately 7.5 trips around the globe!

This year’s challenge inspired “people that are behind the desk too much to get walking and compete against other organizations in Arizona,” explained Alex Allion, western region manager of Terryberry’s Phoenix office.

The Arizona Walking Challenge kicked off on October 7th with winners being recognized at an awards celebration on November 22 in Scottsdale.  Awards were presented to the businesses that improved the most from week 1 to week 6, had the highest number of average steps per employee, and more.

  • Pyramid Technologies, Inc. placed first as the top stepping company with 96,755 average steps
  • HACI Mechanical Contractors, Inc. was awarded Most Improved Company with a 12,381 average weekly step improvement

View the final results

Why Workplace Wellness?

Research is continually proving that healthier workforces reduce healthcare costs, create more productivity and additional overall financial benefits organizations. It’s clear that employers need to be making drastic efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles among their employees.
The Workplace Walking Challenge is just one example of how an organization can improve health and wellness in a fun, competitive way.

Plus, check out the benefits of walking:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves flexibility, coordination, & circulation
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Boosts creativity and confidence

If your organization is interested in creating a healthier workplace culture, think about a wellness program that rewards and recognizes healthy behaviors.

Don’t know where to begin? Learn more about Terryberry’s wellness programs and the Workplace Walking Challenges.


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