Wellness Rewards

Build a Healthy Workplace with an Employee Wellness Program

With Terryberry Wellness, you’ll encourage healthy behaviors and reward employees for taking steps to be well.

Implementing an effective employee wellness program is a good way for employers to reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity, plus improve engagement and overall well-being. Your customizable employee wellness program can be up and running in a snap.  Watch your employees and your business flourish!

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A Complete Employee Wellness Program

Terryberry Wellness is an employee wellness program, powered by Terryberry and Wellright.  Encourage your staff to be well through assessments, education, challenges, social encouragement and rewards.  Features include:

Health risk assessment

Group wellness challenges

Fitness tracker integration

Individual wellness challenges



Wellness education

Wellness rewards and wellness incentives


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Employee Wellness Incentives and Wellness Rewards


As participants progress through their wellness journey, they’ll earn points for healthy behaviors.  Wellness Points can be redeemed through the Terryberry Wellness program for brand-name rewards or variety of health-conscious gifts.

Help employees cut calories with food steamers and grills. Encourage them to stay hydrated with cool water bottles. Get them moving with badminton sets, fishing poles and hiking gear. And help them keep tabs on their physical activities with Garmin fitness watches. These employee recognition awards are perfect for a variety of businesses and healthcare organizations.

Why are Employee Wellness Programs Important?


Employee wellness programs have an average 150% return on investment, according to a study by Rand Corporation.

Reducing health care costs and the strain that is placed on organizations when employees miss work due to illness are obvious reasons that investing in employee wellness is important.

In addition to physical well-being, emotional and mental wellness are also important elements of a healthy workforce.  A good employee wellness program considers the whole person, and encourages individuals to take their next steps toward becoming their best selves.  When employees are feeling well physically, emotionally and mentally, they are more focused, energetic and ready to give their best effort each day.

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