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Indulging is Not the Same as Engaging

July 25, 2013

In Gallup Business Journal’s recent article “Don’t Pamper Employees- Engage Them,”  author Susan Sorenson indicates that many businesses are throwing perks at employees, hoping to keep them happy and get them to stay.  But Sorenson astutely points out that “indulging employees is no substitute for engaging them.”
“Satisfied or happy employees are not necessarily engaged.  And engaged employees are the ones who work hardest, stay longest, and perform the best,” she writes.
Developing a culture that fosters employee engagement means creating an environment where team members…

  • Understand the mission, vision and values of the business
  • Share in that mission personally
  • Feel empowered to contribute to the mission
  • Feel that their contributions matter

The question might be, do we want to work at a place where employees find happiness in spite of having to be at work?  Or, do we want to create a culture where employees find fulfillment in belonging to a team contributing at a high level for something worthwhile?
Recognizing employees for their contribution to the shared mission is one of the best ways to build engagement.  Employee recognition isn’t a pizza party, or a free latte, or a massage.   All of those things can be meaningful if they are used as a token of appreciation for a contribution.  But the real recognition comes from connecting an individual’s actions to how those actions create a positive impact.


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