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Impactful Ways to Celebrate Employee & Business Anniversaries

March 1, 2021

Celebrating your employee’s work anniversaries is a great way to make them feel appreciated while also nurturing a strong team spirit. Many companies utilize this yearly recognition as a vital part of their employee retention strategies.
This doesn’t mean you have to throw a massive party every time someone reaches a new milestone. Small gestures of recognition can go a long way. In this post, we will talk about some common employee anniversaries and what you can do to celebrate them.

First Year Anniversary

Things will be a little different for employees celebrating their first-year anniversaries this year, as many of them may be still waiting to actually go into the office for the first time. For anyone hired since lockdown started in March, they were probably hired remotely and may have been working remotely ever since.
Therefore, it has never been more important to reach out to these employees to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. One easy way to do this is through video. Senior management can send a personalized video thanking them for their efforts during these challenging times. Other ways that you can make your ‘new’ employees feel connected and valued is by sending them some small gifts or certificates.
You can also make an effort to connect employees hired in 2020 to others in their same boat. Many new employees have developed a camaraderie by talking about their first-year experiences at such a strange time.

Five Year Anniversary

These days it is widespread for employees to jump from one job to another, which can be very expensive for business in terms of hiring and training costs. In fact, the average length of service in every industry in the US is about 4.4 years.
If you have employees set to hit the 5-year service mark, you should definitely celebrate this occasion! A personalized video is always a nice gesture, especially if it lists out their accomplishments and how thankful you are for all their hard work.
As the employee has been with you for a long time, their line manager should know what they like to do outside of work. So, why not give them a gift that they will cherish and use regularly.

Long-Term Anniversaries

Companies should make a real effort to celebrate longer-term anniversaries such as 10 and 25 years. Creating a memorable moment will show how much you value their years of loyal service. Usually, this could be an office party, but as there are still many restrictions in place, you could organize a group call on Zoom to have a virtual surprise party. Bringing the team together will help improve morale, and the recipient will feel highly appreciated.
You could give the recipient an experience-based gift such as spa days, restaurant and hotel vouchers, or a once in a lifetime experience. Alternatively, your company could have a recognition and reward program which gives the recipient an option from many available choices. Either way, they will feel valued, and it will show the other employees how much you value loyal service.

Employee Tenure Recognition Programs

Terryberry’s Employee Tenure Recognition Programs provide an effective and hassle-free solution that can be easily integrated into your HR function. From selecting awards for anniversaries to a fully customized 360 Recognition Platform, Terryberry has the right solutions for your organization. Contact us today to see how we can support your business.


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