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How to Schedule a Survey Reminder

October 28, 2020

Survey Reminder
Feature Highlights:

• How to add and schedule survey reminder.

Before getting into the details of scheduling reminders, here are some quick tips.

  • Based on your company settings, there may be some reminders already scheduled for your surveys.
  • Go to your company settings to see how many automatic reminders you have set.
  • Reminder emails and texts will only go out to employees who have not fully completed the survey.
  • For a survey that is open for 8-10 business days, we recommend sending around 4 reminders over the span of the feedback window.
Scheduling Survey Reminders

If you’re looking to drive high participation on your surveys, reminders are a key part of making that happen. Follow these steps to schedule them.



1. Find the active survey you need to resend the link for. 

Survey Reminder

2. Go in the Survey Builder, then into the Schedule & Reminders section. Here you’ll see the ‘Reminders’ feature.

Survey Reminder


3. Click the + add reminder button.

4. Set the time and date of the reminder communication. Please note: The system uses whatever time zone your computer is in.Survey Reminder

5. After your reminder time is picked, click the save button to get it scheduled.

Survey Reminder

6. If you ever need to delete or modify an existing reminder, click on either of the icons below. They’re on the right, under Actions.Survey ReminderAs always, if you have any questions, please contact us at