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How Recognition University and Analytics Can Benefit Your Recognition Program

February 3, 2020

Employee recognition is a simple enough idea. When someone has done something well, let them know – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. While recognizing team members doesn’t always come naturally to some managers and leaders, it can, however, be learned. Terryberry’s Recognition University provides training opportunities for leaders so that they can positively influence those around them through recognition and appreciation.

Employers have the choice between on-site or web-based training. Training will equip them with skills to give their staff the recognition they need to achieve at the highest level.

When done right, employee recognition is the best way to reinforce the attitudes, behaviors, and contributions that help your organization succeed in its vision.

While there is a subjective component to employee recognition, there are several metrics that can be measured objectively to help you understand how a recognition program is impacting your organization. With Terryberry’s Recognition Analytics, you have robust visibility into your organization’s recognition program to understand the percentage of employees who are engaging with the program, organizationally and on a department level. You can also look into employee and department performance based on recognition received, or how participation has changed over time.

Powerful Recognition Analytics Can Help You:

  • Easily spot rising stars in your organization
  • Uncover strengths and challenges
  • Assess individual, group and organizational performance and engagement
  • Gather and share company successes
  • Prepare for employee performance reviews
  • Understand how employees are engaging with your mission, vision, and values

Watch the short demo video below to learn more about Terryberry’s Recognition University training and measuring success with Analytics.

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