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Help Remote Employees Understand the "Why" Behind the Work

August 24, 2020

Employees need to understand the “Why” behind their work in order to be most effective and fulfilled.  What vision drives tasks and projects?  This is particularly important for remote workers, who are physically disconnected from the workplace. One way to build a purpose-led culture is to consistently recognize individuals and teams for their contributions toward the organization’s mission.

Communicate Your Organization’s Core Values

Start by looking at your organization’s core values.  Terryberry’s own core values are: Achieving Potential, Customer Service Excellence, Above and Beyond and Innovation.  How many of your employees could name your company’s core values?  Over half of HR professionals polled by Terryberry believed that the majority of employees in their organizations could not name their company’s core values. Nearly 10% believed that almost none of their employees knew the core values that drive the mission of the company.

Terryberry poll July 30, 2020

Business leaders are asking, how do we move that number closer to 100% of employees being able to name the values at the heart of their organizations?

Use Recognition to Communicate Your Organization’s Mission

How do we communicate those core values, especially to remote employees?  Recognition programs are a perfect fit for this.  When an employee is recognized, make sure she hears how her contribution impacts the big picture.  In the 360 Recognition Platform, every recognition moment is tied to a core value.  This means that the individual who is being recognized knows how their contribution impacted the businesses’ high level goals.  It also means that the coworker or manager who is doing the recognizing is thinking about those core values and identifying behaviors that embody them.

Consistent Communication is Key

It’s important to stress that communication with your remote employees is key in keeping them engaged and feeling like they are tied into the big picture. The #2 motivator for employees is “feeling in on things”.  The #1 motivator is feeling appreciated. Studies have also shown that employees need to feel like they have a personal connection to the company’s success in order to give their best day after day.
By tying your recognition program into your corporate objectives, you will inspire your employees to take ownership of your corporate mission and take your business farther, no matter what corner of the world they’re working from.


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