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Green Rewards

April 22, 2008

How can businesses encourage their employees to "think Green"? If environmentally-friendly practices are important to your business, consider recognizing employees who help your organization achieve its green goals.

I was talking with an employer who recently gave out "GREEN MEANS GO" awards to employees who offered ideas for ways that the company could cost-effectively reduce, reuse or recycle.
If you're looking to implement a green recognition program, look for awards that offer options for the environmentally conscious employer.

Earth-friendly eco-friendly employee recognition awards

There are loads of award options out there that will send the right message. Full disclosure, as you may know, I work for a recognition program provider, so I'm partial to some of the choices in our company's repertoire. Terryberry's collection includes earth-friendly options like sustainable bamboo housewares, an indoor gardener kit for home-grown produce or an eco-friendly battery-free watch. Online award redemption programs can also support a green recognition program by eliminating paper award brochures.

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