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Department Meeting Kudos Shout Out

April 23, 2014

It’s WOW Wednesday! HR leaders, execs, and managers: How do you WOW the people who go above and beyond for you in your business? Or, how have you been WOWed?
Today’s WOW Wednesday comes from Shawn.
She says: “For informal recognition, our department meetings always start with “kudos” where all employees give a “kudos”/shout out to another employee who has helped them in some way.  It is a very nice way to start out a meeting and to be recognized in front of the department for a job well done.”

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  • Michele says:

    I am not employeed for your company, I am actually a customer. I was not sure where to post this but nevertheless I wanted to share my previous experience with one of your employees , Lou Ann O’Brien. This lady was so kind to me the whole time. I am an employee at Resurgens Orthopaedics in Douglasville, Ga., for my 5th anniversary I chose the Zeki Tablet as my gift. I emailed your customer service couple days after I placed my order and begin my journey with Lou Ann. She helped me track my order all the way here. I received it, took it home, and it didnt work. My Zeki was broken. I had to return it to y’all through fedex. She even printed me a fedex label. I emailed her about this and that, (I must have emailed 50 times) telling everything that was happening on my end, and Lou Ann emailed me and told me everything that was going on at her end. She never complained, never made me feel like I was bugging her. She even talked to reps from Zeki about the product I returned and why, etc. I am sure she didnt have to even do that. As I told LouAnn, she is the “BOM-DIGGITY”! I haven’t seen such good customer service in several years.
    Thanks Lou Ann for everything !

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