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Create Connection for Remote Employees

September 24, 2020

Connect Employees

Employees are more likely to thrive when they have healthy workplace relationships.  Today, with an increase in remote work and rising stress, connection in the workplace is more important than ever because connection protects the emotional and physical health of remote employees and boosts productivity and creativity.
Mike Stallard is the author of Connection Culture and an expert on organizational culture.  Mike shares insights in this article on how to build connection with work-from-home / remote employees. “We have found that there are primarily three types of relational cultures: cultures of control, cultures of indifference and connection cultures,” Stallard says. He presents a convincing case that organizations with connection cultures have a competitive advantage over their peers.
Mike encourages leaders to embrace a formula of “Vision + Value + Voice” in order to achieve a connection culture.

“Vision + Value + Voice”

-Mike Stallard, author of Connection Culture

Communicate an inspiring Vision.
Value employees as human beings and not a means to an end.
Give employees a Voice by asking for their ideas and opinions
Want to learn more about developing a culture of connection?  Join Terryberry as we host Mike and Katie Stallard on November 5 for a webinar: Remote Work, Rising Stress and the Critical Need for a Culture of Connection.  The webinar is free, but space is limited.  Register to attend.


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