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Celebrate Nursing Staff on Nurses Day, May 12th

May 6, 2019

It’s that time of year again – This week is Nurses Week and May 12th is International Nurses Day.
Each year on May 12th, we mark our calendars as a day to celebrate the hard-working nursing staff that gives so much on a daily basis. Why May 12th? It’s the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the well-known founder of modern nursing who led the way in promoting the proper care of patients.  Whether you are an employer or patient, take time to recognize the nursing staff in your life – today and everyday.
There are few careers that demand as much emotional and physical demand as the nursing field. While many nurses will tell you that the reward of their job lies in knowing they helped a patient, it is important that we let our nurses know just how much we appreciate them.

Letting Nurses Know We Care on Nurses Day 2019

Terryberry has a few gift and recognition program ideas to help you brighten up your nursing staff’s day. These simple gestures can go a long way in making your nursing staff feel recognized, appreciated, and respected for all of the hard work they put into their jobs each day.

The Recognition Mailbox

With Terryberry’s recognition mailbox, you can encourage patients to leave feedback on your nursing staff’s performance. As a nurse, there’s no feedback as meaningful or helpful as that of a patient. By utilizing a recognition mailbox in your workplace, your nursing staff will feel the power of positive patient feedback!
Terryberry’s online recognition mailbox program makes it easy for patients to leave their feedback within a few clicks. These nominations can then be shared privately or publicly, and those nurses recognized can be rewarded all through the same system!

Certificates of Appreciation for Your Hard-Working Nursing Staff

You can show each of your nursing employees your appreciation by using Terryberry’s personalized presentation kits.
Each certificate of appreciation comes in its own beautifully crafted box with a personalized message that makes your staff feel recognized as a valuable part of the team – not just a name on the schedule.

The Ultimate Keepsake Gifts for Nurses Day 2019

There’s a variety of gifts that you can use this Nurses Day!
Learn about Terryberry’s custom pins and charms that you can personalize with your company or organization’s logo. Our team of experts dedicated to hand-crafting and designing unique jewelry can you help you go the extra mile in giving your nursing staff a keepsake that they can enjoy forever.
We also offer a variety of promotional gift items for your staff to enjoy either on the job or at home. Put your company’s logo on items like bandage dispensers and steth-o-lights. You can also encourage your nursing staff to enjoy a relaxing evening at home with our selection of soothing adult coloring books.

Encourage Workplace Appreciation Efforts With the Give a WOW Program

Terryberry’s online programs are a great way to promote employee-to-employee appreciation in the workplace. Being recognized for your hard work by the people you work alongside each day is a feeling like no other and Terryberry’s Give a WOW program is a great way of doing this.
As a platform for peer to peer recognition, Give a WOW is an online program that allows your employees to send and receive recognition and positive feedback. It’s both meaningful and fun!

More Inspiration for Nurses Day 2019

Even if you don’t work directly with nursing staff, you can still let the nurses in your community know how much you appreciate them and today is a great opportunity!
Whether it’s your child’s school nurse or a member of your family who works at the local hospital, there is a nurse near you that deserves your show of appreciation. You can do simple things like providing breakfast to the nursing staff at your local nursing home or sending an anonymous bouquet of flowers.
Too often, that such valuable members of our community go the whole day without a single thank you. Find your own unique way of celebrating nurses today!


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