Ask Recognition Man for Funny Employee Recognition Ideas

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Your workplace is made up of a unique set of personalities and has its own company culture.  If your culture scowls at the silliness and frowns at fun, this post may not be for you.  But if your work group loves a good laugh, read on for some funny employee recognition ideas. Here are 5 of […]

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6 HR Best Practices to Recognize Long-Term Employees

January 5, 2017

Recognizing employees for their long-term service is among the most established  HR best practices, but is your organization doing service awards effectively? 80% of organizations have a service awards program in place. Yet most employees don’t feel adequately recognized for their work.  With a few simple tweaks, your service awards program can do more to engage, retain […]

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Packaging Your Recognition Awards – Department Spotlight

December 12, 2016

by Amber Zaucha When our customers open a box from Terryberry, it’s because they’ve done something remarkable. Whether it’s because they’ve reached a major career milestone or are receiving a gift as a small token of appreciation, packaging your recognition awards is something we take very seriously.  The presentation is of utmost importance. A 9-Person Shipping Team Thanks to […]

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Service Awards Event Honors Long-Term Employees

December 7, 2016

  Earlier this fall, Terryberry honored employees that reached special milestone anniversaries with the company.  The service awards event at Terryberry is an annual get together that we look forward to each year.   All employees are invited, and we celebrate each other’s significant contributions with co-workers and loved ones.  It’s a big part of our company […]

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Thanks for the Recognition!

December 23, 2015

Many thanks to our amazing customers for the wonderful words of affirmation over the past year!  At Terryberry, we aim to WOW – and nothing less! It makes our day to hear about how workplaces are improved, achievements are celebrated, and people are inspired to be their best. Check out what Terryberry’s customers have to […]

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NSF International – An Employee Recognition Case Study

March 31, 2015

Business experts agree that an organization can have a great product, a bullet-proof business plan, and top-notch marketing, yet all of these components are not enough to ensure success.  Without engaged employees, organizations will struggle to prosper. As a result, CEOs are on the hunt for the silver bullet to help them gain the edge […]

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Language Settings in Give a WOW – Video Tutorial

February 17, 2015

Give a WOW PRO can be translated into 70 different languages at the user level.  This means that no matter what language you speak, you can experience Give a WOW in your own native tongue.  If your sponsoring organization has enabled the translation feature, here’s how to change your language display.  Once you have logged […]

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How to Nominate a Peer for Recognition using Give a WOW – Video Tutorial

February 10, 2015

In this tutorial video, watch how to nominate a colleague for recognition using Terryberry’s Give a WOW platform for peer-to-peer recognition.  Give a WOW makes it fun, easy and effective for colleagues to recognize one another for great work in a personal and sincere way.  And the unique platform ties recognition to the specific mission, vision […]

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Championship Award Rings for Hope College Baseball

February 3, 2015

In this video, Hope College Baseball Coach Stu Fritz talks about the championship award rings made by Terryberry and what they mean to his players. Every championship award ring made by Terryberry tells a story.  We are so proud to be able to play a part in telling the story of the fantastic accomplishments of […]

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