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Business Gifting for the Holidays 101

November 15, 2019

The holidays are the perfect time to reward all of your excellent employees for their efforts throughout the year. Small presents could serve as effective motivators and help employees feel valued and recognized in your workplace. After all, motivated employees are the most engaged and productive employees.

Secret Santa celebration

Having a Secret Santa party at the workplace could be a great way to foster interpersonal relationships at work. It allows coworkers to know each other on a deeper level and feel more connected to their team.
However, care must be taken to have reasonable monetary caps (such as $15-20) for these gifts, so no one feels financially burdened by a fun team-building exercise.

The best gift of all – recognition

Just as the showbiz industry awaits events such as the Oscars, a healthy workplace awaits the end of the year, which includes recognition initiatives that motivate employees. Managers can institute recognition plans such as elaborate award functions where employees and their families are welcomed to a grand reception at the end of each year. Employees can be presented with accolades and awards according to their work performance or special achievements at such functions. Terryberry helps clients with business holiday gifts and employee gift programs, offering services that take some of the legwork out of giving staff holiday gifts.
Sometimes, a simple thank you note would also suffice as a thoughtful gift. A manager can choose to write notes for each employee that highlight their strengths and contributions from the previous year.

Words and actions matter

Employees who feel validated by their managers at the end of the year are more likely to have more stable family holidays as well. Positivity and gratitude in one’s professional life always spill over to their personal life. Be the manager that brings a smile to your employees face this holiday season by gifting them precisely what they need.


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