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Budget-Friendly Alternative Metals for Employee Recognition Jewelry

October 19, 2009

Gold and white gold jewelry have long been staples among recognition awards and retirement gifts. The iconic gold ring is a symbol that has represented the pinnacle of many careers as well as personal milestones.

For many organizations today, the current value of gold means those lustrous awards are even more coveted and appreciated than ever.

But for employers that might be looking for a budget-conscious alternative, there are some new and attractive options. Terryberry creates custom-designed award rings in alternative metals such as stainless steel and Solstra. (Solstra is a new metal comprised of alloys and real gold content. It’s slightly less weighty than its 10 karat gold muse, but has a similar appearance.)

Though made from less pricey materials, these cost-effective rings are still handmade one by one. A custom designed ring can include a corporate logo, and it can even be personalized with the recipient’s name, which is cast into the design when the ring is molded. Some designs have gemstones or synthetic jewels for dazzle.

Another option, Stainless Steel, is a trendy choice for its urban industrial look and its impressive strength. Another benefit that appeals to the environmentally responsible business is the 80% recycled steel content, making it an eco-friendly award.

If you’re considering an award ring option for a special achievement, visit Terryberry’s award rings page online to check out design ideas.


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