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Awards for Customer Service Excellence

October 2, 2008

Frequently companies are looking for different ways to celebrate outstanding customer service. We recently became aware of a company in the Midwest that has a unique way of commemorating achievement in this arena. Annually sales representatives from across the country submit letters of reference from their client base. Representatives can submit as many letters as they want from the last 12 months and are required to offer at least one prior to a predetermined deadline.
Once all the client letters have been received, the Management Team reviews each letter looking for those notes that highlight and/or adhere most closely to business’s mission, vision, and values. Each Management Team member selects the five submissions that support those corporate objectives. After every member of the Management Group has made their final selections, the totals are tallied and the awards are given for the top 3-4 entries.

The awards, which are presented in front of the entire sales team, are engraved plaques that are a replica of the winning reference letters including the letter (word for word), the letterhead, and the signature. In the course of the award presentation, highlights of the letters are read for the group to understand why they were selected and the plaques are received with a rousing round of applause! The award recipients leave that event feeling great about what they have achieved and no doubt thinking about what would be an appropriate place to display this award.

Finally, the company’s Leadership Team makes it a practice to send a “thank you” note to each client that wrote a letter on their salesperson’s behalf and also takes the opportunity to thank them for their business. In addition, they post the letters so everyone in the business can see how the work they do impacts their clients. At the end of the day, it is a pretty simple program that has the ability to positively touch people at all levels of the company.


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