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April 19 is National High Five Day

April 16, 2018

This Thursday, April 19 is National High Five Day. Feel free to spread good vibes by passing along high fives to everyone you encounter. Plus, read on, to find out how you could win big prizes from Terryberry for your epic high five shenanigans.

Why High Five?

Why not? The high five is a universal expression of congratulations, as ubiquitous and well-known as the fist bump or the thumbs-up. Although its origins are attributed to the world of sports, the high five is practiced everywhere – from the office, home, school, and even among passers-by on the street. You have to admit that if you’re the recipient of a high five, it feels good to be recognized, and if you’re the initiator of one, you feel good about making someone else’s day.

The Long Distance High Five

If your company has multiple locations and remote workers, give virtual high fives! Terryberry’s AwardYourTeam program allows you to recognize your team on-the-spot for their contributions. On National High Five Day, consider putting in the extra effort by high-fiving everyone on your team, both local and remote staff, for their efforts and their dedication.

Give High Fives All Year Long

You can help your team members connect with each other through Terryberry’s Give a WOW program, which is a great peer-to-peer platform that allows your employees to connect and share congratulatory messages. Spread the word about National High Five Day and watch the ripples of positivity spread out!

Earn Recognition for Your Epic High Five

Show us your high fives in celebration of National High Five Day by posting a photo or video on , LinkedIn or Twitter, using the hashtag #RecognitionHolidayChallenge, then tag or mention Terryberry in your post to enter our for the chance to win big prizes! But hurry, the last chance to submit your entry is April 22.


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