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All Employees Are Brand Managers

February 24, 2009

Traditionally, the task of promoting a company falls on an organization’s salespeople and marketing team.
But these are anything but traditional times, and businesses are forced to think outside the box about new ways to market their products and services. Many businesses today are taking seriously the idea that every employee in the organization is responsible for the company’s image among customers and the public.
The fact is, a customer or potential customer will perceive any interaction with an employee as a reflection of the business.
I ran across this article on a sales and marketing website that identified Employee Recognition programs as a strategic tool for improving customer impression and ultimately, sales. The article mentions a real estate business that implemented a program to recognize employees for creating “Wow” moments with customers or potential customers.
From the article: “One employee recently attended a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in which the audience was invited to text a message to the Jumbotron. The employee posted Signature’s tag line-“Love the place you live. Live in a Signature Community property.”
This made me think. Every employee has opportunities to represent their employer positively both at work and outside of work. What if companies encouraged their entire workforce to be marketing people? I think this real estate firm is on to something. When employees feel empowered to help their businesses succeed, and feel appreciated when they do, they really can make a difference.


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