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Adding/Editing Single Users

November 29, 2022

Edit Users

Feature Highlights:

  • Understanding what you can edit for an employee
  • How to update a user’s contact information (email, phone number, etc)
  • How to update metadata for existing users edits to existing users
  • Understanding User Statuses
  • Locking/ Unlocking single users

If you’re looking to add or make edits in bulk, please visit this blog: Uploading and Managing Employee Data

Adding a single user: 

If you navigate to your People tab, click into the drop down menu then select ‘Add one user’:

This will bring you to a blank employee page where you can then enter in the users information. You’ll need to input the required information: 

 1. Employee Id (Your company’s internal employee ID, typically found in a HRIS system)

  • If your company does not use IDs, you are okay to proceed without one. 

 2. Full name

 3. Start date

 4. Email address or Phone number. We only need one or the other, as this is how our system knows which way you’d like to send them the survey. 

The termination date is NOT required to move forward.

The Additional Info section at the bottom is where you will include all the metadata associated with this person (e.g. Department, gender, manager, etc.). We highly recommend entering in all the metadata headers that are held for your organization when setting up an employee in Workify:

Once you have inputted all of your employee’s information, you’re ready to click the “Add User” button. You should see a confirmation pop up like the one below. If everything checks out, select ‘ADD THIS USER’. You can then choose to add another employee or exit. 

How to Edit to Single Users:

First, navigate to your People tab in the top right hand corner and click into your Current Users section: 

Search for the user you’d like to edit. Once you find the person, select the drop down arrow on the right hand side: 

Under where it says “What can you do with this user?” you have a few options:

  • Edit employee information and metadata 
  • Reset Password
  • Send/ Resend an employee an invite to access Workify  
  • Lock Out the user from being able to go into Workify/ complete surveys (for terminated employees)

If you want to make changes to employee information and metadata click where it says ‘Edit’. It will take you to a page like this where you can edit the information as well as add new information. After making your changes click ‘Edit User’ to save changes:

Users Statuses:

Within the People section you’ll notice a Status column for your employees. An employee can either be locked out (highlighted in red), waiting to be activated (highlighted in blue), or be active (highlighted in green) .  An employee does not need to be activated to receive and participate in a survey: 

However, if you have an employee who  is having trouble accessing Workify or they did not receive a survey, this is a good first place to start your troubleshooting as they may be “Locked Out”. If the user is Locked out here is what the page should look like. If you hit the ‘Unlock’ button the user will no longer be locked out At this point, if you’re trying to get them to complete a survey, you may need to re-send them a survey link.