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A Holiday Season to Invest In

November 17, 2009

The drumbeat continued today as an MSNBC article hit the web to report on how the economic downturn has corporations muting their holiday celebrations. There’s little question that companies bailed out by your tax dollars ought to be prudent with their new-found lease on life, but killing opportunities to build morale and celebrate the efforts of those employees dedicated to righting the ship, is shortsighted.
According to Battalia Winston Amrop, only 81% of surveyed US companies plan to host a holiday celebration of some sort this year. That ties the lowest level in the 21 years of the survey (the tie is with 2008!). For many US business and organizations, both large and small, the holidays represent one of the few opportunities to get together on a ‘global’ scale. Often these gatherings include a chance to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of the workforce. Recognition builds the vital culture that is so important to an organizations success. Happy employees mean happy customers and meaningful celebrations of accomplishment are a big part of making employees happy.
In the MSNBC article, Marcia G. Rhodes of WorldatWork says, “It’s all about the optics now.” She is certainly referring to the image of a large & publically traded company, having been propped up by tax dollars, wastefully and indiscriminately spending on a meaningless party. I agree, a serious no-no.
That said I hope the prevailing approach of a few large companies doesn’t become an easy “out” for other companies & their management across the country. Budgets are tight, but the smartest money any company can invest is in their employees. Use your holiday party this year to celebrate appropriately and it will set a tone for 2010. Dr. Debra J. Cohen of SHRM, may have said it best, “Effective recognition programs are usually a wise investment, and organizations that manage them well are going to benefit in a lot of different ways – and especially on the bottom line.” (The WOW! Workplace)
This holiday don’t sacrifice the wellbeing of your most important asset. Instead, invest in them through celebration and recognition!


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