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Social Media-Style Peer Recognition

January 17, 2012

GiveAWow, Terryberry’s social-media-style peer recognition program is generating quite a buzz.  Just check out this actual interchange from two colleagues recently giving  the program a test drive.

Colleague 1: applauds this.
Colleague 2: Did you see that it generates a PDF certificate?
Colleage 1: yes!  This is MUCH better than Star Rewards.  Very neat…and I like “applaud” better than FB’s “like” 🙂
Colleage 2: It would be PERFECT if they had an app for our iphones/ipads!!
Colleage1: OMG…this is much MORE addicting than FB!!
Colleage 2: There IS an iPhone app!  Just go to the App store and search for give a wow.

Want to test drive GiveAWow for yourself?  Get the free trial.


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