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The Best Custom Awards and Trophies for 2024

February 16, 2024

Every person and achievement is different, so why should they be recognized with generic off-the-shelf rewards? Custom awards (like custom wood trophies, 3D-printed awards, and glass designs) celebrate the unique people and accomplishments behind your company's wins.

Custom awards go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach by adding a personal touch that deeply resonates with recipients. It's about handing out more than participation trophies (that often end up in the trash).

Whether it's a high-five for your top sales rep, a round of applause for your MVP on the field, or a big ol' bear hug for the client who's stuck with you through thick and thin, how you recognize achievements is a big deal.

And it says a lot about your business, executives, values, and company culture.

Recognizing your employees with custom awards lets you speak to the language, values, and vibe of the person and achievement. Whether it's etching a personal message, picking a design that screams "us," or incorporating those little details that mean so much, custom awards and trophies are all about making the moment special and unforgettable.

New to this world of customized awards? Don't worry—we've got you covered. Below, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the best custom awards and how you can create custom wood trophies, 3D-printed awards, and more with Terryberry.

A Fresh Take on Custom Awards and Trophies

Anyone can dish out the same old plaques and medals, but you don't want your company to be another faceless, brandless organization in the ecosystem. You want custom pieces that'll tell your story, capture hearts, show genuine gratitude, and maybe even drop a few jaws.

Let's look at some unique, modern options to take a fresh approach to custom awards and personalized trophies.


3D-Printed Awards

3D-printed awards have the precision and creativity to bring your big ideas to life. They bypass the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods to make just about anything a reality.

That design you thought was too intricate? Those details you figured were too delicate? 3D printing makes it possible.

Whether it's replicating the façade of a historic building, capturing the likeness of a celebrated figure, or embodying the essence of a brand's logo, 3D-printed awards let you get complex and specific. These awards are more than just tokens of appreciation—they're pieces of art tailor-made to celebrate achievements in a way that's as unique as the accomplishments themselves.


Custom Wood Trophies

There's something inherently warm and inviting about wood. Its textures, grains, and very essence speak to an authenticity and earthiness that's hard to find elsewhere. Custom wood trophies and awards tap into this natural appeal, transforming a simple acknowledgment into a deeply personal piece of art.

However, it's not just about the wood—it's about what you can do with it.

You can customize practically every detail of your custom trophy and awards through techniques like laser engraving and staining. From the subtle elegance of lightly stained award plaques to the intricate details of an engraved masterpiece, your options are limitless.

Plus, let's not forget about sustainability (especially if that's one of your business's values). In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, wood stands out as a renewable resource. This helps recognition to feel as good as it looks.

Whether celebrating a milestone, recognizing excellence, or simply saying thank you, a custom wood personalized trophy makes recognition unforgettable.


Glass and Crystal Awards

Glass and crystals set themselves apart with a timeless elegance. These glass awards are like sculptures, where art meets accolade, and every angle reflects the light and the depth of the achievement they honor.

The sophistication of glass and crystal lies in their versatility. From sleek, modern designs that look like they belong in an art gallery to classic shapes that echo centuries of tradition, there's a style for every taste and occasion.

And then there's art glass, a trend reshaping the awards industry with its vibrant colors and stunning patterns. Each award is a token of appreciation and a piece of collectible art.

Engraving a name, date, or message turns these beautiful objects into personal mementos, treasures that recipients will hold dear for years. You can etch a heartfelt thank-you message, logos, milestones, dates, and more to commemorate a milestone or achievement.

Glass and crystal awards aren't just about recognizing excellence—they're about celebrating it with sophistication, style, and a touch of sparkle.


Create Custom Awards with Terryberry

Why settle for off-the-shelf corporate awards when you can create something as unique as the people and achievements you celebrate? With our expertise and passion for employee recognition, we're here to bring your vision to life.

Whether you're leaning towards the organic warmth of wood or the sophisticated sparkle of glass and crystal, we've got you covered for custom trophies.

  • Custom Design Services: Collaborate with our talented designers to create awards that truly reflect your recipients' achievements and your organization's identity.
  • Variety of Materials: Choose from a huge selection of the finest materials, including wood, glass, and crystal to match your aesthetic and budgetary needs.
  • Personalization Options: From laser engraving to detailed etching, we offer several customization options to add that personal touch to every award.
  • Sustainable Choices: We're committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly materials and processes for organizations that prioritize environmental responsibility.
  • Comprehensive Reward Platform: Terryberry provides a comprehensive reward platform to make managing and tracking recognition across your organization easy.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experts are here to guide you through the selection and design process to create a seamless experience from start to finish.
  • Global Delivery: No matter where your recipients are, we can deliver. Our global reach guarantees your beautiful awards reach your team members, wherever they may be.

Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the design process, ensuring that your custom award perfectly aligns with your company's values, brand, and the unique stories of those you recognize. From the initial concept to the final approval and polish, we ensure every detail is just right, creating visually stunning and deeply meaningful awards.

Contact us today, and let's start crafting custom awards that your team, clients, and partners will treasure. Together, we can create something special that celebrates achievements, recognizes individuals, inspires excellence, and leaves a lasting impression.