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5 Ways to Stay Human in the World of AI

September 9, 2019

by Frank Flaim
How can we use data effectively in business without losing personal connections?  In my role as a business development manager for Terryberry, data and relationships are both crucial components of my work life. I believe the same to be true for many other professionals across diverse business roles as AI (artificial intelligence) continues to impact the way we do business in the modern world. At Terryberry many of our client contacts are Human Resource professionals.  In HR roles as well, data and AI have impacted the way relationships work at work. I submit that data and relationships can co-exist in a beneficial way when used responsibly and authentically.

Business communications – then and now

Some of us are old enough to remember back to the 80s. For younger generations it might be hard to imagine all conversations taking place over land-line or face-to-face. At that time email wasn’t a real thing yet. Instant access to the internet and resources was only an idea. In today’s world where consumers and job candidates have access to so much data at the tip of their fingers, businesses and business professionals are wise utilize data & AI to be successful in a technology-driven world.

Harness the power of DATA

Whether you are recruiting candidates or trying to close a sale, the more data you have, the more success you will have. Data helps us understand the wants and needs of our customers or employees.  In the HR world for example, we can use Wellness Program data to understand on an aggregate basis, what wellness goals and challenges we can focus on as an organization to achieve the best group benefit.  We can offer individuals the data they need to understand their own workplace goals and challenges in order to take action to grow. We can use Peer Recognition data to learn which core values our employees identify with most strongly and in what ways.

AI can be a friend

How many times a year, or even a month or a week, do you buy things from Amazon? That’s because Amazon has mastered the use of AI. They utilize your buying and browsing data and anticipate your needs. They make it easy and efficient for you to find what you want and want what you find.   As business professionals, we can use crowd-sourced and personalized data with AI to learn patterns for what our employees or customers are likely to need or want. We can evolve our workplace practices and our customer experiences to meet the changing needs.

Create VALUE

Now, in the digital age, where data & AI drive business, how can you distinguish yourself? How can you stand out? You cannot ONLY communicate value – you must CREATE value.  Data is dead without interpretation.  In HR and in sales, creating value comes from understanding what the data is telling us and using it to improve our value offering.

Stay human

So how do you create value in the world of AI wizards? The Answer: CONNECTION.
Differentiate with WHAT you SAY and DO.  As of 2019, a computer cannot communicate respect, appreciation, and compassion to a human being.  Nothing replaces authentic human relationships and they are as important in business as they are in family and friendships.  When we create authentic business relationships where we proactively look after the benefits of each other, we achieve much.

Create your own MAGIC BOX

You need the right combination of data analytics, use of AI, personal interaction, and value in a business relationship to differentiate yourself from the rest. Ultimately, we are all humans working to achieve goals. If we work smarter together, we all go farther.
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About the author

Frank Flaim is a business development manager for Terryberry, serving clients in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.  Terryberry provides rewards and recognition services for thousands of businesses worldwide.  Asked to describe himself Frank says, “They call me Mr. Spontaneity.  Yes Man for short.  I’m-in-if-you’re-in type of guy.”


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