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5 Tips for Effective Employee Wellness Programs

December 28, 2015


Be Well in 2016

By Lillian McBeth
It’s that time of year again –   the time where we start thinking of how much weight we want to lose in 2016, how we want to eat healthier, or how we want to achieve our best time in our next 5k.  For some of us the goal is might be to finish a 5k.
There is no better time of year for employers to step up and support their employees’ wellness goals. Happily, many organizations are in the process of implementing or reviewing their employee wellness programs in order to ensure that they have the best possible impact on their people and their organizations.  I’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for implementing and maintaining a wellness program in your company.

5 Tips for Implementing and Maintaining an Employee Wellness Program

  1. Invest in your people

    Investing in your people means investing in your bottom line.  Take McKesson Corp. for example.  There was initial concern about the cost of implementing a recognition program, but after the investment was made, they saw a 30% ROI. (Figueredo, Jorge . “Wellness Lessons from McKesson” benefitspro, November  18th, 2015.) They saw their insurance costs drop, fewer sick days taken, and most importantly employee engagement increased.  Increased employee engagement= increased productivity.

  2. Find a wellness partner

    There are a number of organizations that can provide your group with online health education and risk assessments.  Consult your employee recognition partner for guidance and options to boost visibility and help motivate employees toward their wellness goals.  For example, Terryberry’s AwardPoints Wellness Program helps keep participants engaged over time and rewards employees for reaching certain milestones in their wellness journey.
    employee wellness programs

  3. One program doesn’t fit all

    A wellness program should be tailored to fit its participants. For example, here at Terryberry, competition and a sense of community is what motivates our employees. So our wellness committee put together “The Fitbit Challenge.” Employees who participate can compare their own daily steps with their peers, motivating each other to keep pace.  This type of challenge taps into our competitive spirit and encourages each of us to push ourselves to the next level.  We also take great pride in the communities we live and work in, so participating in a local wellness events, like a 5k or an awareness walk earns us points to “cash in” for awards that are meaningful to us.

  4. Reward, not punish

    Rewards and incentives for positive change are generally more productive than punishing bad behavior. Rewards for achieving health goals can tangible wellness awards and gear that encourages a healthy lifestyle (like a Fitbit, bicycle, vegetable steamer, or water bottle); or perks like free gym memberships, fresh fruit and vegetables, or cooking classes.  The reward possibilities are endless.

  5. Be the change you wish to see

    As is the case with ANY employee recognition program, if leadership isn’t participating, employees won’t see the importance in participating.

Want to learn more about implementing an employee wellness program in your organization for 2016? Contact us. We’re ready to help with employee wellness program ideas that will help your organization be well so you can do well.
Wishing you all well in 2016!
lillian mcbethLillian McBeth is a Business Development Manager for Terryberry, based in Dallas, Texas.


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