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4 Easy Ways to Improve Service Awards Impact

November 30, 2009

Awards for years of service are the foundation of many recognition programs in North America. Make the most out of your service awards for your employees and your business. Here are three easy things you can do today that will make a big impact on your service awards.

  1. Recognize earlier

    It’s no surprise that employees are changing jobs much more frequently these days. Getting your newer employees involved in your service recognition program can make an impact on your new hires’ level of engagement. If your recognition program starts at 5 years of service, consider giving a small award for Welcome Aboard, 1 year and 3 years.

  2. Add verbal or written recognition on the anniversary date

    If you have a formal service awards event, employees may be getting their recognition months after their anniversary. You can add instant impact by recognizing employees on their anniversary day in addition to the formal event. It can be something as simple as a card from the individual’s manager. Try keeping a supply of Milestone Messages cards on hand for employee anniversaries.

  3. Use awards that support corporate pride

    Make the item memorable and special by incorporating your company symbol or engraving the years of service. View sample awards from Terryberry.

  4. Praise the recipient’s personal accomplishments during the presentation

    The presentation of an award is arguably as important as the award itself. Experts agree that a presentation will have better impact when the comments are personalized for each recipient with specifics about the individual’s contributions and achievements. Terryberry’s award presentation cheat sheet helps presenters prepare for recognition speeches.

Learn more about service awards programs from Terryberry.


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