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14 Thought-Provoking Ways To Say Thank You, Team

May 19, 2023

Simply saying, “Thank You, Team!” is well and good. However, will that really be enough to engage employees and motivate them to reach new goals? Chances are, you'll need to do a bit more to push your team to their potential. 

You can always start by changing up how you say thanks. Here are a few thought-provoking ways to say thank you, team!


Different Ways To Say Thank You, Team

Gratitude mutually benefits the one who rewards and the one being rewarded. From the organization's standpoint, gratitude in management creates a positive impact, enhances morale, improves health, and builds strong relationships.

Let’s look at some inspiring ways that you, as a manager, can convey gratitude to your team.


  1. You (the team) have been my primary source of motivation to chase after our business goals. Thank you all for inspiring me through your hard work and dedication!
  2. I’ve never thought a group of people could have such an impact in transforming our organization to where we are today. I can’t thank you enough, team!
  3. The involvement of our team in the recent project made me realize that our organization has the best group of people in the world. Cheers, and a huge thank you, team!
  4. When it comes to dedication, hard work, sincerity, and maintaining excellent relationships, our team is irreplaceable. Thanks a million for your collaborative efforts!
  5. I truly believe that our team has no competition other than ourselves. You have built a strong network of strategies, action plans, and execution methods that are exceptional in every aspect of your work. I express my gratitude to all!
  6. This team has made us proud with their contribution to producing excellent results and client satisfaction. My sincere thanks to all of you who jumped in and went above and beyond on this project!
  7. Words can not express my gratitude to our team as I announce them as ‘Team of the Year’ during this meeting, for their outstanding performance in recent months. Thank you, team!

Appreciation Messages Continued:

  1. Without a doubt, I will say this team is the best group I've ever worked with in my entire corporate career. They're quick to offer a helping hand and slow to frustration. You care not only about the work, but about your fellow colleges and it shows. Thank you, team, for everything!
  2. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my team for their meticulous efforts and positive attitudes with peers and clients to date! 
  3. I understand that gratitude is more than uttering a few words, and to my team, I would try to live out my gratitude in the highest manner possible!
  4. In my years of experience in this corporate world, I’ve never met so many amazing people, working together with the same energy and enthusiasm as this team. Thank you for spreading your light through the entire organization!
  5. Regardless of the ups and downs, I appreciate my team for all their hard work, strong will, and their ability to bring out the best in others!
  6. I express my gratitude to each and every one of you for being a strong foundation of our organization!
  7. I deeply appreciate our team for their relentless efforts and their exceptional coordination in our client projects, which has helped our organization reach yet another milestone!

Apart from these thank you messages, you can appreciate them in any of the following ways:

  • Time is valuable and spending quality time with them to discuss their ideas and strategies can boost morale.
  • Offer promotional and career growth opportunities.
  • Provide learning opportunities by giving new roles and responsibilities.
  • Take your team out for a meal to express your gratitude for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does gratitude impact employee morale in the workplace?

Studies show that gratitude is contagious, so it's important to lead by example. When your team sees you being appreciative of their contributions, they'll start to notice reasons to be thankful too.


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What can an organization do to show their employees they're appreciated?

Research shows strong employee recognition is good for employees and businesses alike. In fact, Great Place to Work surveyed nearly 2 million employees across small, mid, and large companies and found that the single most important driver of great work was employee recognition.

Employee recognition software can help employees get recognized in a way that resonates with them. It can also streamline a company-wide recognition program into one hub.

Essentially, employee recognition software is an app or desktop program companies use to house their employee recognition needs.

Some recognition programs offer physical rewards, like branded coffee mugs. Others offer online storefronts that allow employees to shop for items they want. Some companies offer experience-based rewards, like a trip to a day spa. And other companies, like Terryberry, offer all of this through theirrecognition platform.


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What does team appreciation mean on a deeper level?

Appreciating team members means strongly valuing them as people first and not just for what they do. Appreciation creates meaningful relationships and enhances an organization’s work environment.

On an organizational level, research shows that employees who are appreciated drive performance and retention, and improve employee engagement.

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