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Still Looking for a New Years' Resolution? Take the Challenge – "100 Thank You Notes"

January 6, 2015

Feeling left out without a New Years’ resolution to call your own?  Try the 100 Note Challenge.  Write 100 thank you notes in a month and see how your relationships with coworkers, friends, family members, customers, or vendors change for the better.  Everyone loves to be appreciated.  A thank you note doesn’t have to be a novel.  Just a couple of quick, sincere words will mean more than you know. In the video above, Mike Byam, managing partner of Terryberry, shares about his experience with the 100 Note Challenge.

How will 100 THANK YOU NOTES change your attitude, your relationships and your success?

  • Get a better understanding of your employees’ daily successes and challenges
  • Open the door for important feedback
  • Build enthusiasm and positivity
  • Give employees a better understanding of your goals and the business’ objectives

Here are some starters for thank you notes to coworkers or employees:

Thanks for putting in the extra hours.
Welcome to the team!  I’m pleased about the skills you bring to the group.
Congratulations on the certification you received. Thanks for continuing to grow in your skills.
Great feedback from your customers. Thanks for providing excellent service.
Congrats on 100 days of perfect attendance!
Thanks for taking on new responsibilities, you are really growing your career
I appreciate how you take pride in your work. It shows.


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