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Newsletter – Fall 2014

It is a great day in the employee recognition business!

Employee recognition has always been about connecting with people and letting them know how their contributions are valued. Today, the way we link up with people leverages technology, and Human Resources utilizes technology more today than ever before. The focus on technology brings Terryberry to the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas again this week!

Terryberry’s presence at the HR Technology event is a reflection of our focus on providing solutions that leverage online interactions to drive targeted offline interaction. This is the real value of the recognition…looking people in the eyes, shaking hands and speaking to their achievements; and it’s the key of Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform, a solution that makes recognition more frequent and interactive.
Certainly, technology has an important role, but even those interested in HR technology convene to meet face to face. If you are in Las Vegas this week for the event, feel free to stop by Terryberry’s booth 1148. If you aren’t attending the HR Technology event but would like to learn more we are happy to visit with you in person wherever you might be to show you how Terryberry can help!  To set up a meeting, just send us a note.



  Mike Byam
4th Generation Partner




No matter what inspires your award recipients, the Recognition Collection 2015 is designed to WOW!

This fall, Terryberry releases an inspired new edition of its very popular Recognition Collection catalog program for service awards and recognition.

The Recognition Collection is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to reward employees, volunteers, and even customers. Each catalog features a handpicked selection of awards grouped by price-point and personalized with the company’s corporate emblem crafted from jewelry quality materials.   The collection offers employers a turn-key program for rewarding tiered levels of achievement.  It’s easy to implement and run, and helps create a positive and personalized recognition experience for recipients.

The Recognition Collection 2015 features several enhancements.

  • The inspired 2015 catalog design features an all new look that showcases award options beautifully.
  • Each catalog offers 20% more award choices with unique new options to delight every recipient.
  • ‘Insert Awards’ are now integrated into the catalog for a cohesive presentation.
  • We’ve added two new price-point levels, for a total of 14 catalogs. Choose the perfect fit for your budget and achievement level.

Download a Sample Recognition Collection Catalog.

Want to see more? Request a tour of the Recognition Collection 2015.


THE FOLIO… This New Presentation Kit Has Magnetic Appeal 

Elevate the recognition experience by presenting a certificate and award selection brochure this attractive, sophisticated folio. The magnetic closure and built-in display easel add substantial wow factor!

Terryberry delivers Folios personalized and ready-to-go. A polished presentation has never been so easy.

Check out Terryberry’s line of Presentation Kits online or Ask to see a sample.




Five Key Lessons on Employee Engagement from The Boys in the Boat

By Kevin Sheridan

I just finished reading The Boys in the Boat, a fantastic underdog story about the University of Washington’s Crew Team and their quest to win Gold at Nazi Germany’s 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Written from interviews, diary entries, and memories of the crew members, Daniel James Brown captured what it was like to beat the odds through trust and teamwork. While I read this powerful story of nine young men embarking on a personal and spiritual journey, it amazed me how often I was jolted by the similarities of what these young men faced and what most organizations face on their journey to reach best-in-class status on Employee Engagement.   Like the ‘boys in the boat,” crews in business have a life-changing opportunity to pour themselves into a shared vision and elevate their common experience by celebrating achievements together along the way.

Here are five of the key takeaways that should prove helpful to your spirited glide up the river of engagement:

1. Employee Engagement is the Toughest of Management Sports
“Rowing is the toughest of sports,” said George Pocock, the man who built the crew team’s skulls. “Once the race starts, there are no time-outs, no substitutions. It calls upon the limits of human endurance. The coach must therefore impart the secrets of the special kind of endurance that comes from mind, heart, and body.” Just like rowing, reaching the finish line of employee engagement and winning gold is not easy. It’s truly an endurance sport.

Your call to action: Make sure you have the right coach/manager to inspire your employees’ minds, hearts, and bodies so that they are able to endure the pain and win.

2. Many Companies and Employees “Come from Nothing”
As Americans, we love a “come from behind” story. The majority of this book takes place during one of the darkest chapters in American history, beginning in 1933 and through the Great Depression. This remarkable crew team had a wildly different upbringing than their heralded counterparts on the east coast at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. They were the sons of loggers, dairy farmers, and ship and mine workers. Not from families of privilege, they had no idea how they were going to manage earning one year’s university tuition to the next, but they did. They knew how hard they would need to work to come out ahead, but they were deeply motivated, largely because of their coach. He regularly reminded his team of how meaningful their journey was, and how they could achieve anything through determination.

Your call to action: Focus on meaning and purpose as key ways of engaging your team. Make sure they know how they are contributing to the success of the organization as a whole.

3. Persevere – Don’t Give Up
All of the most engaged companies with whom I worked during my twenty-six year consulting career were as deliberate in their strokes as The Boys in the Boat. They realized that the journey to the finish line would not be easy and that their goal was to get better and better in anticipation of the next finish line. They were fervent believers in continuous improvement. None expected to achieve excellence overnight. When faced with myriad obstacles along the way, they hunkered down and either rowed through it or used their engagement to create new workarounds.

Your call to action: Keep moving! In hard times, momentum is a manager’s best friend.

4. Teamwork and Trust
Cultures of great employee engagement are ones in which team members trust one another and aim for the best teamwork possible. There were two unforgettable passages about teamwork and trust. One is where the crew member Shorty Hunt, who sat directly behind the book’s main character Joe Rantz in the skull, says “I got your back, Joe.” That kind of reassurance, especially from peers, is extremely strong, and adds core strength to the team, as it did for Joe Rantz in nearly every race. The second was where Joe Rantz realized that he would never achieve his full potential unless he trusted the other men in the skull. It was only after Joe proffered his full trust to all of them that he realized his full potential as the anchor of strength in the skull.

Your call to action: Support employee comradery and teamwork. An “every man for himself” culture won’t enable your organization to perform better than the competition.

5. Synchronicity and Rhythm
“By and large, every rower in an eight-oared shell does the same thing – pull the oar through the water as smoothly as possible, as hard and as frequently as requested by the coxswain. But there are subtle differences in what is expected of individual rowers dependent upon which seat they occupy . . . . When working well, the entire boat operates like a well-lubricated machine, with every rower serving as a vital link in a chain that powers that machine forward.” The same can be said for a well-run company with highly engaged employees. In fact, when I first read the passage above I thought back to one of Jim Collins seminal messages in his Best-seller Good to Great, with each seat on the bus identical to each seat in the skull. To win gold in crew, you need to have the right person in the right seat of the skull.

Your call to action: Hire the right people for the right seat, move the people who are in the wrong seat, and remove anyone who is rowing in the wrong direction.

When I began reading The Boys in the Boat, I thought I was reading a story about a crew team. By the end, I realized the book is about something much more personal and meaningful. Hard work, mutual respect, trust, teamwork, perseverance, consistency of rhythm, and celebration of achievement not only work well in a skull, but work equally as well in a workplace.


Kevin Sheridan is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Building a Magnetic Culture, the Author of The Virtual Manager, a frequent Keynote Speaker, and the Chief Engagement Officer of KevinSheridan LLC.



Web page:

Twitter: @ kevinsheridan12


Email:  [email protected]


Storyboarding Company Successes Through Employee Recognition

What sets great organizations apart from the rest?  Top organizations have a higher ratio of employees who understand the company’s goals and are personally invested in the company’s success.  
Today’s employee recognition platforms have evolved to better encourage employee engagement on that level.  Effective recognition reinforces the organization’s goals by highlighting actions of employees, and connects team-members personally with how they contribute to shared success. Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform helps create a culture of engagement through several innovative features:
>The platform creates an ongoing storyboard of the achievements and successes within a business.  Each new recognition is shared within the group and added to the “story.” 
>Peer nominations reinforce company goals. Each nomination is connected to one of the organization’s objectives.  
>The platform creates one hub to manage and display recognition of all types, including service awards, peer nominations, and performance points.
>Recognition can be given at multiple value levels: from daily appreciation without monetary reward to significant awards for top contributions. 
>The platform makes recognition visible and simple to give, so that more of the achievements and contributions are recognized.  Contact us for a Demo.


Plan Now: Holiday Recognition

Year-end Celebrations are Perfect Times to Recognize Success
Your company holiday get-together is a great time to highlight the successes and achievements of your employees throughout the year.

Sign up for our webcast “Creating a WOW Moment” to get tips for a successful recognition event, or Contact Us to learn about recognition award options that can arrive in time for your event.

Attending HR Tech?

Visit Terryberry’s Booth at the Expo in Vegas this Week If you’re attending the HR Technology Conference in Vegas this week, come see Terryberry at Booth 1148. Learn about the latest technology tools that help you get the most from employee recognition in your organization.

BONUS: RSVP here for an exclusive special gift from Terryberry at the Expo.


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