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WOW Employee Service Awards – New Video

February 7, 2012

Today, I am celebrating my 7th anniversary as a Terryberry employee (I think that’s the “Window-office” anniversary).  In honor of all the others out there celebrating service milestones today, I wanted to share Mike Byam’s recent video on WOW Employee Service Awards.
For employees, service anniversaries are a chance to reflect on career highlights, lessons learned, and goals for the future. For companies, employee recognition programs that incorporate employee service anniversary acknowledgment are an opportunity to encourage, recognize, and appreciate a worker for what he or she has contributed over the course of the year.
In Terryberry’s company culture, we have a tradition for coworkers to give each other a little appreciation on their service milestones (even when it’s not one of the “Big Ones” like the 10 or 15  year mark)  So today I’ve received notes, cards, and calls from my comrades.  And it’s made my day.
Terryberry’s business is helping other organizations do employee recognition right, so the pressure is on us when it comes to how we implement employee recognition programs within our own walls. Want to know more about how we do it for our own employees? Contact us – we’d be glad to tell you all about it.


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