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Wow Generation Y in the Workplace | Terryberry Blog

December 12, 2011


Imagine being 24-years-old and landing your first, big career opportunity. You go to work every day, eager to face new workplace challenges. You work hard and go above and beyond on each task that you’re assigned. At first, you do this with the hopes that someone will recognize your efforts and give you an even greater opportunity. But after a while, you start feeling like you’re wasting time because your talents and skills don’t seem to be getting the recognition they deserve.

This is how many Generation Y workers feel in today’s workplace. They’re ready to prove themselves on the job, but some of them feel like they’re not being challenged or utilized enough. Because of this, many companies are losing their best and brightest employees.

A recent survey in The San Francisco Chronicle showed that the average 26-year-old has changed jobs at least seven times since the age of 18. And the number one reason for switching jobs was that these individuals were just looking for a change.Companies today are struggling to hold on to Generation Y workers. These workers are walking out the door along with their bright ideas and talent.

Let Generation Y workers know that they are appreciated with employee recognition products and programs from Terryberry. Our innovative GiveAWOW! online peer-to-peer recognition solution is fun, easy to use and allows Generation Y workers to get more involved in workplace culture. Terryberry’s RecognizeMe! products also allow you to recognize Generation Y workers on-the-spot and thank them for a job well done.

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