5 Ways Leaders Can Improve Engagement and Wellbeing

Employee engagement and wellbeing should be of key importance to all employers navigating the post-pandemic work landscape. Successful teams of the future will include employees who feel valued, supported in their professional and personal lives, and dedicated to the organization’s mission.  Leaders have a great impact on these outcomes based on the type of work […]

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Encouraging Mindfulness And Wellness In The Workplace

January 11, 2021

In a manufacturing-based economy, the human body is the primary source of production. With the global economy becoming more knowledge-based, it has become imperative that companies encourage mindfulness and wellness in the workplace. A knowledge-based economy’s primary source of production is the brain. Thus, introducing mindfulness and wellness programs in the workplace helps ensure your […]

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Terryberry Expands Popular Workplace Walking Challenge

April 13, 2018

www.workplacewalkingchallenge.com   Last year, Terryberry introduced the first annual West Michigan Walking Challenge. It was a hit with 52 companies walking over one billion steps. With next week kicking off the second West Michigan Walking Challenge and an impressive 100 + organizations signed up, Terryberry is excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Arizona Walking Challenge. The 6-week walking competition encourages […]

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52 Companies Count One Billion+ Steps in The West Michigan Walking Challenge

June 13, 2017

In just six weeks 52 companies, from all over West Michigan, walked more than one billion steps. That’s right. One billion. It was the first annual West Michigan Walking Challenge, and needless to say, it was an absolute grand slam. Don’t believe it? Check out our infographic on the Challenge. Looking to exercise our title […]

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4 Tips to Increasing Wellness in the Workplace

October 26, 2016

  Like many companies, Terryberry is invested in the health and wellness of our employees.  In the last three years, as a company, we began to take this commitment to a new level.  We set a goal to make wellness a part of our company culture.  Today, we’re starting to see those efforts pay off.  Terryberry […]

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Terryberry Introduces imua jewelry

July 2, 2012

Love your sport? Wear your passion. Terryberry recently launched imua jewelry (www.imuajewelry.com), a new line of customized, artisan-made adornments specifically designed to commemorate athletic achievements. Pronounced ee-mooh-ah, imua is a Hawaiian word that means “to go forward with spirit”. Designed by Terryberry team athletes, imua jewelry offers a variety of products for both men and […]

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